It’s A Madhouse! A Madhouse!

Hank – We spent the day at Magic Kingdom. There were far more people here than at Epcot yesterday, including an exponential increase in the number of children. One thing that also increases with the number of children is the number of parents being put to the test by a child having an actual or a manufactured meltdown. If you’re not seeing one you only need to walk another 50 feet. I was grateful I was unaccompanied by a child or two. In my mind if you want to do something special with a child take them into the kitchen and make cookies together. But that’s me.

Kathy hit the roller coasters while I waited for her. Outside of that we did a few other rides, walked a zillion miles while we checked out the park a few times, and did a lot of people watching. One thing we did spring for was a caricature of us commemorating our cycling adventure. I like it a lot. You’ll see it in the photos.

Kathy – It was a sunny day in the Magic Kingdom today with temps eventually reaching the mid 60’s. We went on about ten different rides but by far my favorites were the roller coasters. 🎢 Too bad Hank is not up for them anymore. I missed him not joining me. In our younger days we used to love going on the biggest and best thrill seeking roller coasters we could find. So sorry Hank’s equilibrium can’t take it anymore. Hopefully I will be a crazy old lady and still riding roller coasters when I’m 80 years old!

Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is really just a sensory overloading amazing opportunity that awaits anyone willing to come through their gates. I’m glad we got to experience it…but I’m good for awhile. I enjoyed seeing all the beautiful landscaped gardens areas in the park and the engineering involved in making the rides interested me greatly. The merchandising and advertising that the park uses to entice you is incredible. Of course it is geared to ensure you are having fun….and buying food, drinks, sugar filled snacks, and TONS of Disney products that you can’t live without. This includes those Mickey and Minnie Mouse headbands that two-thirds of all the park visitors had on. We didn’t buy any, but did put them on for an obligatory picture. 🎀

I loved seeing all the children having fun and many of the little girls in their princess dresses and tiaras. So much excitement in those little faces. I also watched the children eating enormous amounts of sugar, run around like crazy, and then start to crash around 6pm as they were worn out from a full day of activities. This is when I noticed the tears and tantrums. We are thankful we didn’t have children with us. That is a lot of work (and a huge expense) for parents. We will just take our grandkids (if we ever have any) on a bike ride instead. 😊

So the magical day at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom comes to an end. We are tired and ready to call it a day. No tears or tantrums from us, just ready for some rest before we are back to riding bikes tomorrow. ✨🚴‍♀️✨🚴‍♂️✨

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Disney World – Epcot

Hank – So we spent the day at Disney World. I’m not a huge fan of amusement parks any more but we’re here and the last thing I want to see is the disappointment on anyone’s face when they’re saying, “You were right there and you didn’t go?” So I took one for the team.

The one thing I miss about amusement parks is the rides. I used to be able to spin and go upside down and get shaken to pieces on wooden roller coasters, but not any more. Now that I qualify for the senior rate–in most places–rides like that make me motion sick. Not show-off-how-much-you-can-eat-at-the-buffet sick, but more like a I-have-a-pounding-headache-and-want-to-take-a-nap sick. And that’s worse because you can move on and recover after emptying the contents of your stomach. And you and your friends can make light of it for the rest of the day, too. “Oh, man, you hit the mom and all of her three kids, man!” “Dude, you shut the ride down for fifteen minutes.” “Did you see the guy who had to clean it up? I bet he was the new guy. The new guy always gets shafted.” And so on. But there’s no humor in a man who’s complaining of a headache and wants to sleep.

So what did we do? We went on the most intense ride first. Mission: Space combines G-forces, visual stimuli, and claustrophobia. It was really, really cool. Each of us four people in the pod had two buttons to push at appointed times. One of mine was when we were under however many G-forces they subject you to. I was struggling just to reach forward and push a simple button. Once the ride was over my equilibrium was off and I had a headache and wanted to take a nap. That wasn’t going to happen because they don’t have an adult napping area at Disney World. So we walked over to the World Showcase and strolled through the different countries for a couple of hours. After couple of ibuprofen and a pizza and glass of wine at an Italian restaurant I was feeling much better.

Another cool ride we did was Soarin’ Around The World. I enjoyed that very much and it didn’t affect me in a negative way because it’s all visual and not physical. We were also going to do the Test Track near the end of the day but the wait line was over an hour and we’d had a long day so we skipped it.

I think we lucked out in that we went on a day when the temps were in the 40s and 50s with a strong wind blowing so the day was cold by Florida standards. The park wasn’t all that crowded although it did pick up later in the day.

Kathy – What’s not to love being at Disney World! ✨ We spent the day in Epcot which I really enjoyed. No equilibrium issues for me. I am fine with all the movements and dizziness of the rides. Lucky me. The weather was a bit cold but I brought my stocking hat and gloves which made it perfect. I enjoyed all the rides we went on and visiting all the different countries in The World Center.

There are a magnitude of shops and restaurants to chose from in Epcot. I was pleased getting a meal and resting a bit helped Hank out today. We aren’t much into buying all the souvenir stuff. I would much rather spend my money on photos for lasting memories. We had a few professional pics taken and we will add a few more tomorrow before deciding which ones to purchase. I would say this place is making a ton of money when I seen the purchases others were making.

So we got in a good 10+ miles of walking around this beautifully landscaped place. We enjoyed our day with the rides and sites. The best part was seeing all the cute little kids faces expressing joy and excitement as they experienced the park. They are so adorable. Overall we had a Magical Day! ✨🏰🧚‍♀️🎟🌐🌟🎄💫🦄☀️😎🎉🌠🧚‍♂️