Oh, Canada

Hank – We woke up before the 6:15 alarm, had our tea and light breakfast, packed up, and left just in time to meet the state park employees who came in to work. Last night there was nobody at the office. The sign said to get any campsite and then report in before 10:00 am the next day to register and pay. We paid our $22.75 for our one-night stay and hit the road. We spent almost 20 miles on a quiet Lakeshore Drive. Coming back to the highway we stopped for breakfast at Peg’s Place. From there we got onto US Hwy 62 and headed into Buffalo, NY. We were still following NY Bike Route 517, which the Adventure Cycling Northern Tier Route also follows. Coming into the downtown area we found a park with several Navy ships, a submarine, military equipment, and lots of monuments. We then got on the trail that took us to the Peace Bridge. The bridge has construction going on so pedestrians and bikers have to call for a shuttle. Our ride showed up in 20 minutes and Nick took us to the Canadian side. We put the bags back on the bikes and showed our passports to the customs officer. We were free to go after a few questions. We soon got on the Niagara Parkway, a scenic road that follows the Niagara River to Niagara Falls and beyond.

It was quiet and smooth sailing all the way to the falls. Then we hit all the tourists. No worries. We’re tourists, too. We walked our bikes along water’s edge and saw Horseshoe Falls and Niagara Falls. An older woman saw us and asked if we wanted our picture taken. She said she first saw these falls 30 years ago when she rode her bike here from Washington State. Cool.

We finally made our way to the hotel we’re staying at. We have another day here to see the sights. As for my shoulder, now that I know the problem is with my shoulder I was able to manage my pain much better today. If my shoulder hurt I would adjust it’s position until it stopped hurting. It worked well enough that the pain didn’t radiate to my back like yesterday.

Kathy – Hank was snoozing well last night after ingesting those muscle relaxers.  So happy he slept well. He so needed a good night sleep.  Today we rode 55 miles in hilly terrain for the first 30 miles.  We just had a slight uphill during our last 25 miles of riding on the Canadian side.  Total elevation was 1,000 feet and the temps were cloudy in the mid 70’s.  Great cycling weather!  We had a good ride to Canada and we thoroughly enjoyed seeing Horseshoe Falls along with Niagara Falls.  They are both just spectacular.  This natural beauty is a must for everyone’s bucket list. I was also very pleased to see Hank comfortable for the most part today.  His pain level was a three on a 1 – 10 scale.  So, tolerable for him.  I am hoping the day off tomorrow will help him along with the night time muscle relaxants.  I am concerned about his pain and really hope this subsides soon.  We did have a wonderful dinner tonight and our hotel room is pretty sweet.  We got a free upgrade since I’m part of their rewards program.  We were too tired tonight, but tomorrow night we plan to see the evening lights on the Falls along with the fireworks display over the Falls.  Tonight we rest, sleep well everyone!


A couple of notes…

Last Sunday

Hank – Last Saturday Barb and Keith took us down to Ipswich, MA where his good friends Bill and Laurel live. Laurel showed us the stable where she boards horses. We also got to meet Ava, a Pit Bull/Black Lab mix who is the sweetest dog and biggest baby in the world. Bill and Laurel opened their house to us and made us feel at home.

On Sunday we spent the day in Boston walking along the Freedom Trail and checking out all the historic sights. The USS Constitution is the oldest active ship US Navy. It was cool to explore. What tight quarters. Even at 5’7″ I was ducking under beams. We climbed the steps in the Bunker Hill monument. I was breathing very hard when I finally reached the top, quite likely because I take steps two at a time when I go up stairs. There’s a red brick path marking the Freedom Trail so it’s not easy to get lost. Between the traffic, finding parking, and having so much to see, we didn’t get to see everything. We stumbled across a Holocaust monument and stopped to view that. Then we had some very entertaining street performers to check out. I’ve never seen an escape artist on the street before.

One thing we noticed was that a lot of people were carrying boxes from Mike’s Pastries. We tracked down the store and got in line. Kathy picked out some cannolis and other pastries for the next day’s breakfast. On the way back to the car we went through a street fair featuring a Bee Gees tribute band. It was a full day.

Kathy – We spent the day exploring Boston, Massachusetts. The walking, self-guided tour of the Freedom Trail was pretty cool. We ended walking 7.5 miles as we traveled about the city.  I love listening to these Northeastern accents as people talk.  Too many good times with Barb & Keith as we traveled about in Boston.  This is a city of very active people.  We seen so many runners, maybe they are training for the Boston Marathon. The sites and sounds of this city were fantastic.  So happy we get to visit these beautiful cities as we travel around the United States.