Training Day

Kathy and I loaded up the bikes, hers with just weights and mine with gear. The Elephant NFE is touchy about weight distribution so I need to get gear placement in the panniers dialed in since I’ll be carrying more weight on this tour than I would for a bike packing trip.

A half hour into it, Kathy got a flat. Of course, it always the rear tire. I helped with the bike and coached her through inspecting the inside of the tire and swapping out the tube. 15-20 minutes later we were back on the road.

During a rest stop we used a snow bank as a bike rack. It beats laying them on the ground.

Dropping My Winter Weight

I don’t feel I need to train that much for the trip, but I could stand to lose 10 or so pounds to make the riding a little bit easier. I went out this morning and caught some gravel because it’s more fun than pavement.