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Kathy and I are retiring from our jobs and going on an adventure. We plan to ride our bikes around the lower 48 states for about 16 months. We’ll hit the road in May 2018 once we get a 2-3 day stretch of good weather because who wants to start out in the rain, right? The rough plan is to wander across the northern part of the country and end up in Maine in September 2018 just in time for their Fall colors (Orange line on map below). Then travel down the Atlantic coast arriving at Key West in December (Blue line on map). From there in the Winter months we will wander across the south to San Diego, arriving some time in March 2019 (Red line on map). The penultimate leg takes us on a wildly roundabout path to Chicago in June/July 2019 (Purple line on map). From there we take a train to Klamath Falls, Oregon. The last leg takes us from Crater Lake up to the Olympic Peninsula and then across our home state and back to Spokane approximately in August 2019 (Lavender line on map).  We may decide to do the last two states as well.  When in Seattle we may take the ferry up to Alaska and ride there, and then when we get back to Spokane we may take a trip to Hawaii and rent bikes there to make it official and ride all 50 states.  Let’s see how our travels go.  🙂

Along the way we will visit state and national parks, friends and family, and meet all kinds of great people. We’ll camp, make use of (Google it) when we can, stay with family and friends, and–Kathy insists–stay in a hotel/motel at least twice a week.

It will just be the two of us riding around the country enjoying the experiences that each day holds.  We will carry everything on our bikes in our pannier bags.  Hank’s bike will weigh in at approximately 95 pounds and Kathy’s bike will weigh in around 75 pounds.  We will ride approximately 50 miles per day, and depending on the elevation this will equate to 5 – 7 hours of riding each day.  Notice: Our plan are tentative and may change depending on inclement weather, sore muscles, having too good of a time with family and/or friends, or we just feel like mixing it up.  Being retired allows us the flexibility to adjust our timeline as we like.  We are looking forward to our travels!