Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

Hank – Our BnB host suggested we go to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. It’s an hour’s drive away from Anchorage. Injured and orphaned animals are taken there where they can live a more sheltered life since they’re unable to live in the wild any more. We got a close-up view of bears, caribou, moose, elk, porcupines, wolves, and eagles.

Kathy – This is a pretty cool place with a great purpose to help endangered wildlife. It was a gorgeous sunny mid 70 degree day in Alaska. We really enjoyed walking around for a few hours seeing all the different animals. It looks as if these animals are well taken care of. The Alaskan Wildlife Conservation Center is a worthy cause and we are happy we came to visit it.

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  1. matthew price June 28, 2019 at 7:39 pm

    I’ll bet that was a cool adventure

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