Camping Out Again

Hank – We left Chillicothe a little after 9:00 am and headed over to US Hwy 35. It’s a four-lane highway that we correctly guessed has plenty of shoulder. We decided to take the highway instead of the Google Maps suggested route because the hills on a four-lane highway tend to be more gradual. That turned out to be true, too. So while we had some long climbs, we could easily spin our way up them today.

We stopped in Jackson, Ohio to eat lunch. Fried chicken strips at the Marathon gas station. Yum!

We had about 20 miles of construction on the highway today. Thankfully, there wasn’t any going on. But the right lane was blocked off so we had tons of room to ride in. Traffic noise was bad but the ride was pretty smooth the entire day.

I found an Oklahoma license plate on the roadside. It’s in great condition but it’s very plain. So whatever guitar I make with it will need dressing up.

We stopped at the Rocky Creek RV Campground where we got a site for 20 bucks. They have showers and we got to do laundry. So we’re set for a couple more days. The weather calls for some light rain and no storms, hence we’re camping out instead of getting a hotel.

Tomorrow we have a short ride to Point Pleasant, West Virginia, where we will check out the Mothman Museum. Maybe some eerie things will happen. One can only hope.

Also, West Virginia will be the final of the lower 48 states for us. Then we have two days to get to Charleston.

Kathy – We rode 42 miles today in mid-70 degree overcast skies. We rolled up and down a total of 1,700 feet (via my Fitbit watch). We had a great shoulder the entire day. We appreciated the cars and trucks passing by us at 60-80 mph either staying in their lanes and/or moving over to give us additional distance. The frequent hills were not a problem since they were nice and gradual. The traffic was loud but acceptable. I was listening (low volume) to country, pop and classic rock the entire day. 🎶

My shoulder is still sore but doing better. With the frequent climbing it’s hard to relax your upper body, however it didn’t seem to bother it too much and it is feeling okay tonight. Happy to be on the mend.

Our views today were mainly of green countryside. Otherwise our views were obstructed with trees as we climbed. We also met a lot of really kind people during our gas station/rehydration stations today. All asking about our travels and wishing us a safe journey moving forward. The kindness of strangers is the best!

Happy to get cleaned up at the Rocky Creek Campground. Apparently a lot of people live here full-time in small RVs. Our campsite is right next to the only RV that seems to have anyone around. And there are a lot of people roaming around this RV with tattooed bodies, piercings, and missing teeth. We also have two little girls (3 and 5 years old from the same RV) coming up and peaking into the tent every two minutes. They ask nonstop questions which is really cute…for the first two – three hours. They have tripped over the tent stakes about 20 times already. No one in the RV is paying any attention to them. Not so worried about the tent jerking each time they trip over a stake, but one of the girls scraped her knee up pretty bad and I don’t want them to get hurt again.

Anyway, no peace and quiet for us this evening. Our tent is very close to this busy RV. Cars are frequently coming and going, and the adults just stand right outside our tent and talk for 15-20 minutes before leaving. They also made a Friday evening run to the store for food, chips and beer. Looks like the party has started inside the RV. We are too tired to join them. 😊 The RV park manager is hanging out with them too. And the girls just roam around the RV park and come and go as they please between eating chips and ice cream. All the folks in the RV (and those coming and going) don’t speak to us, they just look at us like we are crazy…riding bicycles with big bags on them and camping out in an RV park.😄 Hoping we get some sleep tonight. Just another night of adventures! 😜😄🤪

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  1. Final leg of your journey is right around the corner. 🙂


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