Octa Bound

Hank – Thunderstorms moved on overnight so we watched the weather forecast to figure out the best time to head out. Our plan was to ride only 36 miles to Octa, Ohio so we had plenty of time to get there.

I got us off to a wrong start after I noticed the directions on my map were for a vehicle instead of a bike. We had to backtrack a bit and get on the right road. Oops!

Kudos to Ohio for having some great bike trails. After a few miles of residential streets we got on a bike trail that took us to Xenia, Ohio. And leaving Xenia, we were on bike trail almost the entire way to Octa. We hardly saw a soul. Just one snapping turtle and we heard lots of birdsong today.

Kathy – We headed out around 10am today. It was later than normal but we were avoiding the rain. We said our goodbyes to Stan last night as he had to fly out to Texas, and this morning to Rhonda, Wronda, and Tina. We are thankful for our time with them all.

Today we rode 38 miles to Octa, Ohio. We had overcast skies, temps in the low 80’s, a little humidity, and only a small amount of gradual climbing. We spent most of the day on a bike trail that helped to keep the 10-20 mph headwinds off of us.

As we rode today, we passed by some of the tornado destruction that was the result of 18 tornadoes touching down in the Dayton area just one week ago. Thankful only one person lost their life but many lost all their possessions. Please keep these folks in your thoughts and prayers.

My shoulder is feeling better today. It is not too painful and the ride went well. It was a pretty uneventful day of riding on the trail. Happy to have these beautiful trails to ride on in Ohio. We are supposed to have some good ole thunderstorms this evening so we got a hotel room to avoid being exposed.

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