A Gambling Day

Hank – The weather forecast wasn’t all that great today but it improved this morning. We didn’t think we’d be able to get out of Madison until after 11:00 but then we got a break so we quickly packed up and were on the road by 9:20. We knew we were going to get wet but we were betting we’d get to Versailles before the big stuff hit.

We had light rain most of the way and made good time. We arrived in Versailles just before noon and stopped in at the Rolling Pin restaurant. (Versailles is pronounced ver-sales. That seems so strange if you’re familiar with France.) The restaurant was packed, including a large table full of law enforcement officers. It must be a good place if the cops eat here. Actually, it wasn’t anything to brag about but the food was decent. We hung out for a little over an hour as more rain fell.

Versailles was going to be the stopping place because Kathy didn’t feel she was up to doing almost 60 miles to Lawrenceburg, Indiana, the next town of any size with a place to stay. But the weather and the wind looked to be in our favor and we went for it. We were on US Hwy 50–again–almost the entire way. The four-lane highway is closed for repaving on one side but we had shoulder to ride on. About 12-15 miles from our destination a deputy sheriff stopped us and recommended we ride on the construction side away from traffic. He said nobody would bother us if we did. He was right. And there was a nice long strip of brand new asphalt to ride on, too.

Arriving in Aurora, we got off the highway and onto a paved bike trail that took us the last five miles to Lawrenceburg. The ride from Versailles to Lawrenceburg was practically rain free. Yay! We both felt like the ride went much better than usual, especially for it being a 57-mile day. We got to our hotel, checked in, cleaned up, and ate dinner. The hotel has a casino attached to it. That part of the day didn’t go so well for Kathy.

Tomorrow we’re back in Ohio. We should be in Dayton in two days.

Kathy – Our 57 mile ride went very well. We had lots of rollers with a thousand or more feet of elevation gain, but it wasn’t bad with most of it being gradual climbing. We had some sprinkles, but no major rainfall during the riding portion. We only had some downpours during our stops where we were inside.

We mainly traveled through lots of farmlands today which was nice. We saw the standard cows and horses, but our added treat today was a grouping of about 50 goats. They were so darn cute with their black and white spotted fur. One of the goats pushed the thin fence down and had its front legs on top of it ready to make a run for it. 🐐🐐

Not only were the views great today but so were the smells (not)! The rain just brings out the best of everything. Freshly fertilized crop fields smell even worse when wet. Our daily views always include seeing many small dead animals like raccoons, possums, squirrels and birds. We saw some huge vultures today enjoying their ‘meals.’ All the dead roadkill have an unbelievable stench that is worse when wet. 🙀🤢☠️ You learn to take deep breaths before you ride by to avoid inhaling such a wretched odor. Yeah, just giving you a taste of what Hank and I do on a daily basis while we are “living the dream.” 😄😄

We checked into the Hollywood Hotel & Casino in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. It felt great to get cleaned up and put on regular clothes. I almost felt like a normal person. Must say, I look forward to having more off bike clothes after we finish up the trip. Two pair of capris tights and a couple of T-shirt’s gets old real fast. I know, first world problem. I’m counting my blessings, thankful for this opportunity to go on this adventure…but, still looking forward to not wearing capris once we get home. 😊

After a wonderful dinner with Hank I decided to hit the slot machines for a bit. We both agreed that I deserved it after our ride today. Well, it didn’t last too long before I decided to call it a night. It seemed the slots were only taking money tonight and not giving any out. They got a little out of me but not too much. Oh well, maybe luck will be in my side on another day. 🎰

So a good day of riding, great dinner with Hank and not so good on the slots… 2 out of 3 ain’t bad. 😊

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  1. Looking for goats while bike riding is my specialty! These sound really cute – you should photograph them next time. (BTW, riding RAGBRAI is FULL of cute animal encounters).


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