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Hank – This morning I used a hose at the front of the hotel to wash the dried mud off out bikes. There was still plenty sticking to the sides of the tires, the fenders, and odd parts of the frame. After drying I cleaned and oiled the chains and topped off the air in the tires. We’re ready to get back to it tomorrow.

I checked out the Frazier History Museum. I was a bit disappointed. The Lewis and Clark exhibition lacked depth in my mind. There’s a huge collection of miniature military figures. Of course, there’s plenty about Kentucky bourbon. (I did not know our first president owned the largest whiskey distillery in the country.) The Hunter S. Thompson exhibit was very good. I was not aware he was from here.

Next Kathy and I visited the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory. The tour was pretty cool. Unfortunately, you can’t take pictures of the tour. We learned about the different types of used and how they grade the wood. Only 15% is prime, which is used by the major leagues. Players can check out the billets, blanks from which the bats are carved, in person or by viewing photos. They can select their billets and the team picks up the bill. There’s a lot more that goes into making a major leagues bat than the consumer ones. Everyone going on the tour gets miniature bat to take home. Something else for us to carry until we send another package home.

We split up and I went to the Muhammad Ali Center, which I enjoyed very much. As a child I remember Ali’s fights in the early 70s. I was not aware how much of a humanitarian he was. When he turned pro after the 1960 Olympics he donated portions of his winnings to various charities. He raised over $50 million for charities. He went to Iraq in 1990 and returned with 15 American hostages. He worked towards a variety of humanitarian causes. The center encourages the visitor to be great and to do great things by helping others.

Kathy – I took it easy in the hotel room this morning. I wanted some downtime to relax a bit. Hank doesn’t sit well so he headed out to the first museum without me.

This morning I worked on some housekeeping stuff since we decide on our plans moving forward. We are headed to Dayton, Ohio next via Indiana (our 47th State). In Dayton we will visit family and friends. Then we will ride to West Virginia (our 48th State). I booked the one-way rental car from West Virginia to Portland, Oregon. We will turn the rental in there and visit family and friends in Portland. Then we will ride our bike up to Olympia, Washington and Tacoma, Washington where we will see family there too. Next we fly out of SeaTac Airport in Seattle, Washington (booked the flights this morning) to rent bikes and ride in state #49 – Alaska. It is looking like we will be back home in Spokane by the 4th of July. Both Hank and I are looking forward to being home for a while. It’s been 13 months so far and we haven’t been home since Christmas. It will be good to rest up and see lots of family and friends in Spokane. We will plan a trip to Hawaii in the Fall of 2019 where we will rent bikes there to finish our goal of riding in all 50 states.

We are enjoying our last few weeks of riding towards West Virginia. We look forward to finishing up states 49 and 50 (Alaska & Hawaii) and then just resting at home for a bit.

Back to current events: Today our visit to the Louisville Slugger Museum was pretty interesting. I never realized just how much research and planning goes into building a baseball bat. They did a great job of explaining all the details, and allowing us to see all the different steps it takes to make a great bat during the tour was good as well.

Hank and I separated after seeing how they make the Louisville Slugger baseball bats. I walked all over the downtown area just meandering where ever seemed like a good place to go. I saw lots of great places, read lots of street signage related to Louisville, Kentucky’s history, and got about six miles of walking in taking in the sites.

This evening Hank and I relaxed in the hotel, did laundry, packed up the pannier bags and video chatted with our (adult)children. It was a good day in Louisville, Kentucky. ☺️☺️☺️

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