Century Day

Hank – We got up early so we could be on the road by 7:00 am. The day was going to be cool and cloudy with winds coming from the north. Kathy has mentioned several times that she’d like to do a century at least once. So today I told her this would be a good day for that since the weather and wind are on our side and the route is flat. She wasn’t going to make any promises but we’d see how she was doing when we hit the 60-65 mile mark in Osceola, Arkansas.

We made excellent time, stopping every 15 miles to take a break and covering 15 miles each hour for the first four legs. It was awesome.

We stopped for lunch in Blytheville, Arkansas. Jeff Wallace has owned and run the Kream Kastle for 34 years. It’s a drive-in style BBQ place. There’s no indoor seating but Jeff invited us in to sit at the employee break table. I got a hamburger and a large fries. Kathy got a pulled pork sandwich and some of my fries. We appreciated Jeff being so nice to us and he took a genuine interest in our adventure. Jeff recommended that we camp in Wilson, which used to be a company town. He said we’d be safer there than anywhere else. He was also concerned for our safety asking, “Are you carrying a gun?” We told him we weren’t and that we haven’t experienced a situation any where near something that made us wish we had a firearm. And besides, it’s more weight.

Once we hit Osceola, we decided that with 40 miles left we’d take a break every 10 miles. Kathy did great but noticeably slowed down during the last 10 miles, which wasn’t a problem since this was her first ever century. 100 miles is a long bike ride even when you’re not loaded down.

We arrived in Marion, Arkansas and stopped at a grocery store for food, which we then took to the hotel. We called it a day after showers and dinner. Whew!

We’re only 14 miles from Memphis. We will probably spend the next three days there.

Kathy – Yippee, I did my first century ride!!! We rode 105 miles today! We had overcast skies with temps in the 50’s all day. We had a 10 mph tailwind too. Our ride was mostly flat with pretty good shoulders. Our road surfaces were pretty smooth except for about 30 miles of bumpy stuff. So it was the perfect day to attempt 100 miles.

I have ridden 100 miles in a day before when Hank and I rode the Seattle, Washington to Portland, Oregon (STP) bike ride back in 2007 on our tandem bike so that doesn’t really count because Hank and I were both pedaling. The STP bike ride was 200 miles in two day. I have never completed 100 miles on a bike by my self. And, on an 85 pound touring bike makes it even more special. Happy to have completed this ride today, now I can check it off my bucket list. Overall it was a good day and the ride went extremely well. Tonight I’m a bit tired and sore…and I don’t see a need to do 100 miles in one day again. 😄

We stopped by the grocery store on the way to the hotel. We got some deli sandwiches for dinner and we treated ourself to some rocky road ice cream for desert. We deserve it today. Gonna sleep well tonight. 💗💗💗

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  1. Great job to both of you!!!


  2. Congrats on the century ride! Kathy did mention that while in Yuma too. Still loving your adventures and reading all about it. You two are inspiring! Hugs


  3. My mom told me about your adventures. You met her in my hometown of Marion at the grocery store. Glad to read you had a tailwind, usually it is a head wind any direction you travel in the Delta. Congrats to Kathy on her first century completed. Ride strong and safe travels!


    1. It was cool to meet your mom. We’ve met many wonderful people on our adventure.


  4. My mother told me about your adventures, y’all met her in my hometown at the grocery store. Glad to read you had a tailwind, usually their is a headwind no matter which direction you are riding in the Delta. Ride strong and safe travels!


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