Lakin, Kansas (Rest day)


Hank – I used our rest day to explore the town. Lakin is the county seat and hosts the Kearny County Museum. I walked there to check it out. The museum is in a great building and appears to be well supported financially. There are tons of artifacts and exhibits. Lots of cool stuff. There’s also a house on the grounds that was originally owned by the first depot agent with the Sante Fe Railroad, Alonzo Boylan. It was purchased in 1916 by the O’Loughlin family and moved to its present location. (John O’Loughlin founded the town in 1873.) Also on the grounds is the Columbia Schoolhouse, which was originally north of Lakin and moved to its present site in 1978. The Santa Fe depot was purchased after the company closed it. It was also moved to its present location by the museum and schoolhouse. One thing that was lacking is that there’s little, if any, story telling. Many items had tags stating who donated them. But it was cool to see everything.

Outside of that, I walked around town some more and eventually returned to our hotel. Kathy and I went over a rough draft of the remainder of our adventure. We’ve come so far and yet we still have a ways to go. Ballpark figure is we have 2800 miles to go.

Kathy – It’s considered a rest day so I rested. Hung out in the hotel room and read a lot, planned the route for our last ten states, and watched a little HGTV which I haven’t seen in ages. Hank will be happy to hear that I have so many house renovations planned now! 😄 Didn’t bother getting outside in the 30 mph winds, just enjoyed the down day at the hotel. 💗

Garden City, Kansas

Hank – Since we had strong winds from the south today we opted to ride 29 miles to a campground on the east side of Garden City. Our first 16 or so miles had the wind either helping or just pushing from the side. We moved along quite nicely.

Once we were near Garden City we had to turn south and fight the wind. But it wasn’t that bad because we had plenty of time and a short distance to go.

I found a Kansas license plate that’s in great shape. By the time we’re done I will have so many license plate guitars to make. I’m looking forward to it.

Once in town we got on a paved bike trail that took us from one side of town to the other. Next thing you know we’re back on Hwy 50 and the campground is just down the street.

RJ’s RV Campground is right next to a field where wind turbine poles and blades are waiting to be installed somewhere. We got a site next to a shed and fence to help protect against the wind. It worked out great but that’ll change in the morning when the winds switch to coming from the north. RJs has a Wizard of Oz theme to it. We’re camped on Lion Street. It, along with Scarecrow Street and Tinman Alley, connects to Auntie Em Blvd.

For a couple of days now I’ve had this inexplicable craving for a sandwich from Subway. I walked a mile to the store and got a sandwich for both of us.

Tomorrow we ride in a generally southeast direction so we’re hoping the north winds help us more than hinder us. We have 50 miles to Dodge City and our first Warmshowers host since Houston, TX.

Kathy – It was a warm and sunny day to ride with temps in the high 60’s. We rode 29 miles to the campsite. We thought about going further, however the next town would have been another 28 miles in and there was no camping there that we were aware of. Since the winds today were sustained at 17 mph with gusts at 25 mph (and we have camping available here) we decided to call it a day and pick up again tomorrow. Other than the winds, which helped us on occasion and hindered us at other times, it was a pretty uneventful day.

Our views continue to be farmlands with an occasional blotch of cows and sheep in the landscape. Thinking Kansas is going to have a great crop season this year because the farms are well fertilized. We get to smell the manure multiple days now. Lucky us! It is good for the crops. I have a feeling these smells are going to continue for awhile. 😊😷😊 It was a good day of riding.

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