Ohhhhhhhhh-klahoma, Where The Wind Comes Sweepin’ Down The Plain

Hank – We took a look at the wind and weather for the next two days and decided to do the 72 miles to Stillwater, Oklahoma. Today’s winds would be with us as we headed south and gradually come from the west but not strong enough to impede us. But the next two days call for 15-20 mph winds from the south. So we’ll be dealing with a side wind and not a head wind.

We ate a small breakfast and hit the road. Seven miles later we crossed into Oklahoma making that state #41. We rolled through Newkirk, taking a few pictures along the way. We stopped in Ponca City and fueled up at the Perkins restaurant.

At noon we were back on the road heading south to Stillwater. The road had a lot more elevation gain than Google maps indicated. We’re used to that. We took a few more breaks as our butts were getting tired of being on the saddle.

On the bright side we met a number of nice people who were amazed to hear about our adventure. Trees are filled with foliage and those with blossoms are in their full glory. Kathy found an 18k gold ring on the road. It needs cleaning and polishing. And its way too big for her fingers.

In Stillwater we stopped at Panda Express to get some veggies and chicken to take “home” for dinner. Then we went home to the hotel. After cleaning up and eating we were ready to call it a day.

Kathy – After the winds kicked our butts yesterday we were planning on taking it easy today. Well, that didn’t happen. There is a huge Indian Reservation going towards Tulsa, Oklahoma. We were planning on an easy ride taking a road directly through the reservation however, we would have had none or very limited services available over the next three days. So that left us with two options; 1. Go east and then south around the reservation or 2. Go south and then east around the reservation. Since there was a very light north wind today we chose option 2, go south today and east the next two days as we head to Tulsa. Tomorrow we will have very strong south winds so to avoid headwinds we hightailed it south today and rode 72 miles. So much for taking it easy today.

We did pass over into Oklahoma so that makes 41 states we have ridden in so far! Crazy to think only nine more to go.

We are getting back into elevations. We pretty much rolled up and down the entire day. We had a sunny day with great temps. Started our ride at 33 degrees with the windchill. Throughout the day the layers of warm clothing kept coming off. We ended up with just our light yellow jackets on as temps rose to 62 degrees. We are tired as most anyone would be after taking 85-95 pound loaded bikes up and down the the Oklahoma hills for 72 miles. I think we will sleep well tonight. 😊

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  1. Hank and Kathy,
    It was almost a year ago that My brother and I met you at a cafe/bowling alley in Idaho. We were riding the Lewis and Clark trail in segments with our than 82 year old father (he was taking the day off). This week the 3 of us are back on the road for the last 300 miles of our ride.
    I wanted to thank you both for sharing your journey, it has fed my wanderlust spirit for the past year. You do a great job of showing the sights, sounds and feel of everywhere you go. You also do a wonderful job sharing the people you meet along the way. Keep up the great ride, have fun, be safe and know that you’ve made a lasting impression on me.
    I will continue look forward to reading and seeing what you experience each day.
    Thanks again Bill Butler


    1. Hey, Bill. I remember our fortuitous meeting at the bowling alley in Craigmont. Thank you for your kind words. How great it is that you and your dad are riding together. Our best wishes to you all.


  2. Love that movie
    Hope you two are doing well. 🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️🤠

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Thank you, Matt. We’re a little sore but we’re in good spirits.


  3. Happy 41st! Hope the weather holds out for you.



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