Wichita, Kansas


Hank – Mark fixed us some great veggie omelettes and treated us to another home made cinnamon roll. I could almost move here. We wish Mark the best. He just bought the Savannah House B&B two weeks ago. He’s going to rename it to The Baker’s Quarters and wants to host events there, too. If you’re ever in Kingman, Kansas you will want to put your feet up here. Mark is the best.

It was chilly when we left and stayed chilly most of the day. After about an hour I took off my puffy jacket and gloves but I kept my wool cap on. We got off US Hwy 400 for a bit and ended up on a rail trail that started in Garden Plain and headed east. Under other circumstances it would have been fine but this trail slowed us down quite a bit so after a couple of miles and a detour that took us to a dirt road, we returned to Hwy 400 and stayed on that for another 15 miles or so. After that we turned south and went around the southern part of Wichita, avoiding a lot of traffic. Thirteen miles later we arrived at our hotel. Despite the miles it was an unremarkable day.

Kathy – We started our ride a little late today because the temps were in the low 20’s this morning. That gave us time to enjoy our delicious breakfast and chat with Mark the owner of the Bed and Breakfast. Mark is a great guy and no doubt his new business venture with the Bed and Breakfast, his bakery business and opening an events center will all continue to keep him busy. He recently sold his restaurant business. Mark is a workaholic. Hopefully he will slow down a bit and enjoy life. Wishing him much success in his professional life and much relaxation in his personal life.

So, we left Kingman, Kansas in route to Wichita, Kansas our destination for the day. We ended up taking a few routes that didn’t pan out so our total mileage was 53 miles for the day. It was sunny but a cold 33 degrees as we started our ride. Happy it warmed up to the low 50’s for the day and happy I wore my merino wool shirt and socks along with my stocking hat and gloves. I stayed nice and warm throughout the day. The winds were finally in our favor today. We had a small tailwind…yippee! It helped to push us along a little, but it wasn’t strong enough to really get us going super fast. However, I will take it. I’m always happy for tailwinds. Overall it was a good days ride.

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  1. It looks like you are going to be near the KATY trail in MO., The trail surface is excellent, you should be able to make good time on this trail if desired. Between Sedalia MO and Boonville MO is rolling hills, a good workout, between Boonville and St. Charles is all flat river bottom flat 70 miles plus , if it didn’t flood during the high water lately. I’ve been able to average 15-20 on this trail surface on this trail. There are alternate paved roads as alternatives, but usually hilly. This trail is a good choice if you don’t feel like the rolling hills across MO, lots of B&B along this trail also.


    1. Thanks, but we’re headed south to Oklahoma and then east to Arkansas. When we go into Missouri we won’t be as far north as that trail.


  2. What I found so pleasing about this post, is the beginning of green stuff growing around, what a welcomed change that would be. Snow is melting here in Maine, one day soon the ice will be swallowed up by the lake and spring/summer will advance. Can’t wait. Love seeing you two in Wichita
    Keith and Barb


    1. I noticed that as well and failed to mention it. Hope you all warm up soon.


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