A Good Place To Be Stuck

Hank – We left early this morning to get to Kingman, Kansas before the wind gusts were greater than 30 mph. We were on the road by 8:10 and we had about 36 miles to cover. We made good time to Cunningham, about 17 miles away, where we stopped for a snack and an orange juice.

Back on the road again we had 19 miles left. We took a short break halfway there. When we reached Kingman we decided to investigate Main Street before going to the motel we planned to stay at. We found the Kingman County Historical Museum but it was closed. On an outside wall there’s a mural of Clyde Cessna, of Cessna aircraft fame, flying the airplane he made in 1911.

A block away we found Jeri’s Kitchen and went in to have a snack. Before leaving Kathy met Brenda who said we should check out the nearby bed and breakfast because it would probably be more comfortable than the motel.

We did and we agreed. Mark checked us in and we got cleaned up.

I went for a walking tour of the downtown area. There wasn’t a whole lot to see. The county courthouse, built in 1907-08 is pretty cool. The old city hall is now the historical museum. The old Santa Fe train depot needs some TLC.

A park next to it has quite a few cement sculptures and wood carvings created by a local artist named Glenn Hardin Stark. Apparently, wood carving was his forte. Unfortunately, his sculptures are very weather worn and in very bad shape.

Later on we returned to Jeri’s for dinner and then walked around town a bit. Then we called it a night. Tomorrow the edge of the bomb cyclone hitting the midwest hits here. We’re going to have some very high winds so we might be staying here an extra day. Fortunately, we’re in a good place.

Kathy – We decided to get an early start before the winds got really bad today. Our 36 mile ride was with cloudy skies and temps in the mid 80’s. It didn’t feel that warm because the Kansas winds kept us cool. The sustained winds were 15-20 mph with gust at 30 mph. The ride was challenging with all the side winds, but nothing we can’t handle. 😉 😅 So happy we completed our ride by 11:40 am because the winds are scheduled to continue increasing throughout the day.

As we arrived in Kingman, Kansas we stopped by the downtown area for a little lunch. Apparently Jeri’s Kitchen is the place to be as it was hopping. We had a nice lunch. As we were getting ready to leave we met Brenda. Brenda saw our bikes in front of the restaurant and was asking questions about our travels. She said if she had space in her home we could have stayed with her. That is very nice of her! She recommended we check out the local bed and breakfast hotel right in the downtown area. The only other hotel in town is a mile away and it appears to not be as nice. We opted for a hotel tonight (instead of tenting it) since the winds will remain consistently in the 30 mph range with gust up to 45 mph all night.

So we headed over to the Savannah House Bed & Breakfast where we met Mark, the owner. Mark showed us all the rooms and allowed us to choose whichever one we wanted. This is a really fabulous place! We picked a nice comfy room and cleaned up. We spent some time relaxing in the room. The winds are now ripping outside so it’s good to be indoors. After resting for a bit we walked around town. Kingsman is a nice little town. We had dinner at Jeri’s Kitchen since lunch was good…and it is the only restaurant nearby. Resting and relaxing in the room tonight. It was a good day. 🙂

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  1. With all the news items on the blizzard in Eastern South Dakota and North Dakota, I was wondering if you guy’s were going to bunk down for a few days. Those Spring Blizzards can be something. (i.e. huge drifts & closures)



    1. Fortunately we didn’t get the rain or snow. Just wind and cold.


  2. Looks like a good place to be stuck. Love fried pickles.
    🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️ be safe.

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. I was surprised to find that I liked fried pickles. The honey dill sauce was good, too.


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