Northern California

Hank – We woke up to a sunny morning at the base campground. The inside surfaces of the windows were covered with condensation that slowly burned off as the sun warmed the van. After tea we went over to the dining facility–not the chow hall–where we had an early lunch. Then we drove north to Berkeley. On the way we stopped by a winery to pick up a bottle of wine for Geoff for his upcoming birthday.

It was great to see Geoff and hang out with him. He’s such a good kid–a 34 year old kid come Sunday. We had a very good dinner with drinks.

Kathy – We continued to head north up the California coast area. The landscapes are absolutely beautiful. It was a mix of tall green mountains, ocean views, farm lands, and of course miles and miles of perfectly distributed rows of grapevines. Telling myself I must come back to this spectacular area and spend more time exploring.

While in wine country you do have to follow others leads…and sample some of the local wineries, right? 😄 I’m normally a leader, but I can be a follower today. So, a little wine tasting it is. Cheers!🍷 The wines are delicious. We also made a few purchases because it is easier to carry those heavy bottles in the rental van than on our bikes. Smart thinking. 🤓

Crazy to think, but what I enjoyed more today than the wines was just walking about in the vineyards. Not only is it simply beautiful but it is also very peaceful. Again, I must come back to this part of the U.S. to immerse myself more so into this tranquil place.

We continued north until we arrived in Berkeley, California were we are spending the night at our eldest son Geoff’s place. As always, it is so wonderful to see Geoff and spend time with him. I love him and I’m so proud of him. He is brilliant and very successful with his career, but what I love most about him is that he is a good person. As parents of a firstborn we attempted to raise him right, but obviously his good life choices contributed to the fine gentleman he is today. We walked to a local restaurant where we enjoyed a fabulous vegetarian meal, drinks and great conversations. Feeling super blessed to have this time with Geoff. 💗

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