San Diego, California

Hank – Our time in San Diego was too fun. We stayed with our friends, Kevin and Miriam, who invited us to do so when we met them over Christmas. Back in September with stayed with our friends Barb and Keith in Maine. Keith’s son Aaron got married in our hometown in late December. Kevin is Keith’s younger brother. Barb, Keith, Miriam, and Kevin were at our house for a New Year’s party where we met Miriam for the first time. She’s a firecracker. When they left we had an open invitation to their place once we reached San Diego. It’s wonderful how all these connections come in to play in our lives.

We also got to see our nephew, Zak, who is an awesome young man. He came here from Boise to go to school. He’s a kinesiology major and he graduates in May. In the meantime he’s working in his field and currently is focusing on helping elite runners with their mechanics to help them be more efficient.

The time with Kevin and Miriam went quickly. We visited a winery, tasted some of the night life, played games at the house, and played more games at the house along with Miriam’s sister Sandy and her husband Alfredo. We had more fun than the law allows. And I can’t forget to give a shout out to Miss Peanut, my adopted dog for three days.

Kathy – Our time in San Diego was awesome. Keven and Miriam are fantastic people and hosts. We so appreciate them opening their home up to us, making delicious meals, letting us use their vehicles, taking us out and about to see beautiful places and added nightlife fun. The times spent with them and their family were really a blast. So much laughter and happy memories with these two. We are truly grateful for all their hospitality and friendship. They are really good people and we are hoping they will come visit us in Spokane so we can spoil them a bit. Thank you Kevin and Miriam for everything!!! 💗💗💗

While we were in the San Diego area we got out and saw a few people we know. First we saw Kira. Kira and I worked together a few years ago. She is super smart and can whip up data computations and charts to show company’s progress in a matter of minutes. She is also a sweetheart. I just love this gal. She is in her late 20’s and is doing fantastic in life. She has her masters degree in healthcare administration, owns a few rental properties in California, and works for a pharmaceutical company now. She has her stuff together much more so than I ever did at that age. What’s even more important is that she is happy. Life is good for this lady and I’m very proud of her. It was wonderful to spend time with Kira and catch up on her current life.

We also got to spend some time with our nephew Zak (also known as Jan’s sweet boy). This guy is also doing amazing. He is finishing up college while working two jobs. He is super fit which would be expected for someone teaching CrossFit classes, and super smart too. He is very busy yet he also takes time out to enjoy life. We haven’t seen Zak in many years. Last time we saw him he was a skinny little teenage kid. Now he is a strong athlete. Ladies, he is handsome as well. 😉 What I really love about Zak is that he really is such a sweetheart. Just listening to him a few hours and we could see his kindness and compassion for others radiates throughout all he does. What a great young man! Jan and Chip (Zak’s parents) are some of the most compassionate people you would ever meet. They also focus on being healthy in mind, body and spirit…and they have instilled these great qualities in Zak. No doubt about it, Zak is a pretty special guy. We really enjoyed our time with him and wish him all the best.

Our time in San Diego, California was pretty spectacular. Spending time with so many wonderful people really made for some pretty fantastic memories. Thankful. 💗

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