Wickenberg, Arizona

Hank – Michael and Eileen rode with us to US Hwy 60 where we said our goodbyes. We had a great time visiting with them.

The day was cool. The sun was out. The shoulder was wide enough the entire route. We had a nice 35-mile ride today. The elevation gain was gradual the entire route so we hardly noticed we climbed 1,700 feet today.

We checked into the Aztec RV Campground around 2:30 pm. I had called yesterday and they said getting a tent site would not be a problem so no need for reservations. But she did get my name. It turns out that Bev and Jim, proprietors of said campground, have a soft spot for cyclists. Practically the only patch of grass in town is right next to Bev’s office. As a treat for cyclists she provides a nice bath towel for the shower. She also gave us some oranges. What a sweetheart.

We set up camp and walked a half mile into town. The western theme is strong with this town right down to the cowboy hats on the street lights and stage coaches on the street signs. We went to the Desert Caballeros Western Museum where we got to learn about the history of Wickenburg and saw tons of Western and Native American art.

We also stopped by the Jail Tree where people were chained to the tree since there was no jail. Fun times in Wickenburg.

After dinner we went back to camp to shower and rest up for tomorrow’s 50-mile ride.

Kathy – We are rested up and back on the bikes. I left my Arizona packet of flower seeds with Eileen. She will plant them in her yard area, so that is state 35 done. Today we rode 35 miles in Arizona, our 35th state! It was fun to ride with Eileen and Michael the first five miles. Eileen knew the best route out of town with minimal traffic so she lead us. Unfortunately, it came to a point where we had to say our goodbyes and ride onward. We are so thankful for all of Michael and Eileen amazing hospitality. We really had a great time hanging out with them the past two days. Thank you so much for everything!!! Hope to see them once we get home to Spokane this summer and before they leave to head south for the winter again.

Our ride today started out a little chilly in the mid 40’s. It was beautiful clear blue skies and it eventually warmed up to the low 60’s. We had an easy gradual climb all day, and nice wide shoulder with polite drivers. We had desert and mountains surround us all day. Truly spectacular. I love looking at the mountains again, I have missed them over the last few months of riding. It’s pretty cool to see the southwest mountains with all the cacti in the landscapes as well. It was a cool day with minimal winds which made for a very pleasant ride. Thankful our first day back on the bikes was a pretty sweet one.

Meeting Bev at our campsite was a real joy. She goes out of her way to make guest feel comfortable. Since we are now riding on the Adventure Cyclists Southern Tier route she is used to seeing cyclists and knows their every need…and takes care of them all. Very thankful for Bev. She is an example of all the good in this world, and what we really love about traveling around the U.S. Thank you Bev for the wonderful welcome, town brochures, suggestions for places to eat and visit, clean towels, electrical outlet, soft ground for camping and yummy fresh oranges. We are grateful for everything!

Taking time to see the local town sites and the museum in Wickenberg, Arizona was enjoyable. This is really a great little place. Extremely friendly people (like Bev) and lots of history to read about and see here. It’s been a good day of riding and a good afternoon of sightseeing.

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  1. Nice to see my old stomping grounds of Surprise, and Wickenburg. Especially with the current 1/2 inch of ice I have on my driveway here in Illinois. Thanks, Hank and Kathy.


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