Harper, Texas

Hank – We decided we would get back on the road today. The temp was slightly warmer and we had some drizzle and fog, but our puffy jackets kept us warm enough. It was only 28 miles to Harper. The ride went smooth and unrushed. Most of our route followed US Hwy 290 but 9.5 miles was on a back road with very little traffic. We saw lots of cattle, goats, sheep, and deer.

We arrived in Harper a little after 3:00. First, we went to the Lonestar Café only to find it closes at 2:00 on Sunday. We went to the gas station to ask about tenting opportunities in town. Right after entering the town we passed by a community park that would work for us. A BBQ vendor truck was parked at the gas station and I talked to the gentleman working there. He lives in Kerrville so he doesn’t know about camping in the community park. He said the owner of the gas station might be able to help. I talked to him and he pointed me to the other gas station, which is across the street from the park because they have the books for renting pavilions, etc., at the park. He was also surprised to learn the café closed at 2:00. I was hungry so I had some brisket from the BBQ truck. It was very good.

We went to the other gas station and the sign on the door said it closed on Sundays until further notice. Wow, it’s like nobody here knows anything about anything else, which is not what you would expect from a small town.

Our next stop was the Headwaters Saloon. They have cabins for rent there but there was also a possibility we could pitch a tent instead. While we were talking to the bartender the owner walked in. Vic told us we were welcome to pitch our tent anywhere on his property. He also thought we were insane to be riding bicycles around the country. We thanked him for giving us permission to camp. He has a pavilion on the property where they host barbecues and bands, probably in the warmer months. But there are bathrooms there too, so we put the tent up under the pavilion.

After cleaning up and changing clothes we walked back to the saloon to relax. We had a couple of drinks. We were puzzled as to why the two televisions were tuned into two different golf matches. People were commenting and cheering and groaning depending as the competition unfolded. It just seemed so out of place. Smoking is allowed in the bar so after two drinks we had to leave.

Back at the tent we played some cribbage. The cell signal is too weak here so we have to go to the bar and use the Wi-Fi if we want internet access. We’ll do without and back date this when we post it tomorrow

Kathy – Our 28-mile ride was a little chilly today.  We had foggy and misty rain off and on so our 40 degree temps felt much colder.  The nice amount of climbing helped to warm me up somewhat.  Hands and toes remained cold.   Each day we are climbing more than we are descending as we progressively moving west into higher elevation territory.  The ride itself wasn’t too bad.  I’m not a big fan of elevation but it is just part of our life again.  A big shout out to Hank for being patient with me as I slug along climbing the hills.  Thank you, Hank!!

Looking forward to some warmer weather the next few days as the cold front passes more to the east. Overall it was a pretty low-key day.  I enjoyed seeing and talking to all the wildlife today (yes, I do talk to the roadside animals) and later enjoyed playing cribbage with my sweetie.  Thankful that Vic allowed us to tent on his property too.  It’s going to take us while to get across this big state of Texas.  West Texas is pretty desolate.  We are out in the middle of a whole lot of nothing.  Riding for hours with only farmland around us.  Hopefully more camping sites and food stops will be available as we continue to move west but start to ride closer to I-10, the only highway around.

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