Weather Day In Fredericksburg

Hank – We decided to sit out the day here since the weather wasn’t being all that cooperative. I went into town for three hours. I walked more of Main Street to see what else is here. The old courthouse, a neat looking limestone building, is now the public library.

I returned to the Museum of the Pacific War. Your ticket is good for two days. So I also got to visit the Pacific Combat Zone where they have displays of a PT boat, a Grumman TBM Avenger, and a battlefield complete with US and Japanese vehicles and weapons.

The PT-309 on display was actually in the Mediterranean theater due the war. I was not aware they used PT boats there. The museum was fortunate to get a PT boat because most were decommissioned and destroyed after the war.

Sleet was coming down every time I went outside. A strong, cold wind was blowing. The few people walking around town were bundled up like Mainers in a Nor’easter. There are a lot of shops here but in not here to buy anything.

In the evening we went to The Bar (a wine bar) to have a drink and hear some live music. They had a small jazz group playing. We each got a drink and settled in. The placed was packed with sofas, chairs, and small tables, furniture you would have in you living room. It was very comfortable.

We met Arenda, Kristen, LeeAnn, and Amanda. They hail from Grandbury, Texas near Fort Worth. Kathy talked with them for quite a while while I struck up a conversation with Craig, who has lived here since last March.

Craig is from Humble but spent the last 25 years in Waco.  Work brought him here. He was surprised to learn how expensive it is here. He and his wife are renting a 900 square foot house for $1500 a month. After he left I joined Kathy and the ladies from Grandbury.

We were getting hungry–there’s only chips and nuts at this place–so we walked to the Culture Bar and Grill. They had a blues musician playing there and he was very good. We ordered some food and another drink before calling it a night. It was still cold and wet out during the walk back to the hotel.

Tomorrow we may sit out the cold one more day or ride 25 miles to Harper, Texas where there is absolutely nothing. We’ll decide in the morning.

Kathy – The morning temperature was 30 degrees, but 27 degrees with the wind chill. The winds are are currently 15-20 mph, with gust up to 25 mph. The high temperature for today is 36 degrees. It is sleeting outside now. So we decided to spend a second day in Fredericksburg, Texas. Maybe the weather is divine intervention, so we can check our more wineries. Lucky us. 😉

I decided to stay warm and relax in the hotel during the day. I called my sister Ginny since it was her birthday and we had a nice few hours of catching up. It’s always great to talk to Ginny. 💗 It is also my sister Mary Beth’s birthday. 🥳 No they’re not twins, just lucky sisters to be born on the same day years apart. My other sister, Carol, has a  birthday tomorrow. 🎈 I’m from a family of nine children (6 girls and 3 boys). Five of the girls have birthdays within a two week period (end of January to beginning of February) so April must have been a romantic time for our parents. 🙈 Anyway, I hope Ginny, Mary Beth and Carol all have wonderful birthdays today and tomorrow. 🎉

The evening was spent tasting more of the local wines. We enjoyed our time out at the different places in downtown Fredericksburg. The drinks and music were good, but the company is what really made it the best. It was great to meet Arenda, Kristen, LeeAnn, and Amanda. These are some really wonderful ladies taking a few days out of their busy lives to relax and enjoy time in Fredericksburg. My kinda gals. They offered to host us in their homes, but it is not in the direction we are heading so we had to decline. That was very kind of them.

The ladies were really interested in our cycling travels. Hopefully we inspired them to take up cycling and possibly come visit us in Spokane. I enjoyed time with these wonderful gals! Hopefully our paths will cross again. I wish them all the best.

Cycling note to all our readers: Cycling really is a healthy sport that you can do most all your life. There are so many different types of bikes (and gadgets for bikes) now days to ensure you are safe (if you have balance issues) and very comfortable. Depending on your day you can make it a hard workout or an easy relaxing ride. You get to choose. 😊 There are so many beautiful trails out there to ride on and many roads with nice shoulder areas. Cycling really is a great way to stay healthy, have fun, see beautiful places, and meet amazing people along the way. As children most of us rode bikes, for improved health and happiness think about hopping back on one… 🚴‍♀️ 🚴‍♂️

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  1. Enjoy your down time and stay warm.


  2. I’m sure you have heard about this weekends weather in Spokane, much better down there.


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