Made It To Houston

Hank – We have a Warm Showers host to stay with in North of Houston in Kingswood, 65 miles away. We got up early, made breakfast and hit the road a little after 8:00. And it’s not like there was anything to stick around for at the Economy Inn.

Our route took us eight miles south to Nome. From there we went west to our destination. The wind was blowing from the east so it was at our backs most of the day. Regardless, the day never seemed to warm up because the sun hid behind clouds all day.

The twenty-some miles of Hwy 90 provided a wide variety of riding surfaces, most of the bumpy. We hit a long stretch where our side of the divided highway had been ground away but not resurfaced. Finally, we crossed over to the other side and flew on the smooth cement. Lunch was at a local restaurant in Liberty, Texas. We both got the 1/2 pound bacon cheeseburger. Kathy couldn’t eat all hers.

After that it was just a matter of keeping on keeping on. The chip seal and uneven roadways made it tedious.

We finally arrived at Robin and Sheila’s house at 5:00 pm. Sheila got home a few minutes before us. She took us in and showed us our living quarters and got us settled in. We got cleaned up and it was dinner time. Robin was home by then so we got to meet him just before sitting down for dinner.

We had a great pot roast and vegetables with both a vegetable and a fruit salad. It really hit the spot. They had Bible study to go to so we did laundry while they were out. Kathy was pretty exhausted from the day and went to bed early. I stayed up and practiced my ukulele until Robin and Sheila got home. Sheila called it a night and Robin and I stayed up and talked.

Near 10:00 pm I went to bed.

Kathy – Our 65-mile day today was chilly and overcast skies. We were lucky to have a tail wind, however it was so slow it didn’t really help us to move any faster. We had wide shoulder areas most of our ride but much of it was uneven surfaces. Not sure if riding longer distances over the past seven days or if it has been the daily pounding from the uneven surfaces, but my lower back is pretty sore. I am a lucky one that normally never experiences back pain, so hoping a few days off the bike will help it resolve itself. Needless to say I was happy to arrive at our destination today and look forward to having a few down days.

Sheila and Robin are super nice folks and we are thankful for their hospitality. Our dinner and conversations were both wonderful. Hoping to get to know them more so tomorrow as I’m a tad bit tired tonight.

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  1. Cool! Enjoy your down time and have Jaz take you to the Taco Place. Best chips and queso around. 🙂


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