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Hank – We left Rachel’s house around 7:30am. We rode a bit into town and stopped to talk about our route. One option was to follow Hwy 90 and then I-10 and spend the night in Beaumont, Texas. The option I favored followed backroads. The back roads was shorter by two miles. (56) We had breakfast at the Pitt Stop and talked it over. The back road route won out.

It went smoothly for the first half of the ride. The Google Maps messed us up. The route called for us to take Sand Pit Road right after we crossed in Texas. We’ll, Sand Pit Road is a sand road. So no going that route.

We continued on to another highway intersection. Now the all-knowing Google told us to head north on the highway and then turn left and follow a bunch of different roads to the next major highway. I checked with two locals who said they knew the roads. “That’s the dump road. Yeah, it’s paved all the way through.”

Kathy went inside the gas station to get a snack and drink. A stray dog was hanging around with a stick in his mouth. He dropped it by me and barked. I threw the stick and he fetched it. He dropped it again. We played for a big but he would never left me pet him or take the stick from his mouth. He always played on his terms like he was doing me a big favor.

About nine miles later we found that the road to the dump is not paved all the way through. Only to the dump. We were supposed to get on a rock road for anywhere up to six miles. That wasn’t going to work for us so we went back to the main highway, followed that north for six miles, and got on a paved farm road for ten miles taking us to Buna, Texas.

We had intended to go to an RV campground in Silsbee, Texas. But the winds were out of the south and we would have had 14 miles of headwind going south to Silsbee. We had been fighting the wind all day and Buna put us at the 63 mile marker so we decided to stop there.

We asked around and there was no place to camp. I called the Methodist Church and asked to camp on their lawn. Christy, the woman who answered, said she needed to check with the trustees. While she did that, Kathy found a covered pavilion by the volunteer fire department building. We thought that would be a good spot. Christy called me back and said we were good to go. I thanked her and told her we’ll do that if we get chased away from the fire department.

We set up under the pavilion so we’d be protected from the rain coming tonight. I bought a gallon of water at the grocery store across the street from us so we had water for our dehydrated meals and breakfast. It’s going to get down to 33 tomorrow morning so we have our warm clothes ready to go.

Kathy – We enjoyed our tea while visiting with Rachel and Jan this morning. Jim already headed out for an early start at work today. Unfortunately they had to go to work and we had to get the miles in so we said our goodbyes earlier than I would have liked. I could have chatted with these ladies for hours on end.

So off we went to continue our journey towards Huston, Texas. Today we ended up riding 63 miles. It was partly cloudy all day with temps reaching s high of 66 degrees. The majority of our ride was with a strong headwind. With the modifications in our route today we thought about going all the way to Silsbee, Texas. Once we got to Buna, Texas we decided we had enough of the winds. We already rode 63 miles with headwinds for all of it but nine miles. Why kill ourselves and do the last 12 miles in a really strong headwind. Happy we called it a day and stopped in Buna. We did ride into The Great State of Texas today! State # 33, yippee!!!

The pavilion at the fire department was pretty sweet. Happy to call it a day, get cleaned up and relax with some dinner and wine. We did not eat much today so our dehydrated meals really hit the spot tonight. Happy to now be in Texas – our 33rd State! We are coming along. 😊

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  2. Hello Hank and Kathy! You folks are amazing. My husband and I met you in Ludington Michigan after breakfast at the House of Flavors on July 26. I’ve been following your blog and continue to be inspired by your tenacity for this Journey 🙂 it’s always so encouraging to know you have been kept safe all this time thanks to our Heavenly Father. I look forward to reading your adventures thank you for taking the time to blog. I will continue to pray for your safety – Persevere and peddle on! For finishing is not the prize but enjoying the journey is.
    Blessings, Rhonda and Kevin Slagter


    1. Rhonda, Kathy and I woke up on this freezing morning to your heartwarming and encouraging words. Thank you very much for them. Wow, it’s been six months since we met and you still keep track. That’s awesome of you. Our best to you and Kevin.


      1. Ha! It’s been 6 months and your still riding – now that’s encouraging! When we met you folks we were mountain bikers, and still are but this past fall we bought Trek Road bikes. So we started a new adventure too – but nothing like the thousands of miles you have done – carry on:)

      2. We’ll try not to let you down. 😁

  3. Welcome to Texas! Be on the lookout for Bill Millers and be sure to order the meat lean. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm good eating!


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