Weather Day

Hank – Heavy rain and strong winds were forecasted for today. The rain showed up late but the winds stayed all day. 

Here’s an odd thing about this hotel. They collected our towels in the morning and said they would wash them and bring them back. We’re on a looooooow budget.

Kathy – With yucky weather outside, it was a quiet day in the room. We only had two visitors in our low budget hotel (or should I say the only hotel in town) – the housekeeping staff came to gather and wash our only set of towels, and the exterminator to do his monthly spraying. Lucky us.

Today we caught up on blog posts and planned our route for the next few days. Hoping these winter storms stop coming so far south and the thunderstorms, flooding and tornadoes stay away. Ready to enjoy riding the rest of Louisiana and onward to Texas next. I will miss the Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana accents though. I just love them.

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  1. You guys are awesome!


  2. Happy Birthday Kathy! This will be a memorable one for sure! Miss you, think of you often. Am always happy to see your beautiful smile on your blog photos. Hope you have a great day! Hugs, Laurie Ryan-McDonald


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