Hank – We did our laundry before leaving the Moody Inn and headed out to get something to eat. I found a restaurant along the way called the Impire Restaurant that has good reviews for home cooking. It’s in Adel, GA only a half hour away from the base.

I pulled into the parking lot and did this look like a hole in the wall restaurant. Although it’s on the cheap with paper plates, styrofoam cups, and plastic ware, it’s also pretty cool. We were the only customers and we’re told we could sit anywhere so we grabbed a booth. There was no menu. They had a whiteboard with today’s offerings written on it: barbecued chicken, barbecued pork, pork and rice, buttered corn, turnip greens, yam patties, corn bread and a couple of other I can’t remember. We ordered and our food came out in a matter of minutes. I had the pork and rice, yam patties, and corn bread. It was very good. And you can’t beat the price. Our total came to $15.00. nice!

We then drive to my cousin Siobhan’s house in Fort Mitchell, AL. Her husband, Ritchie, is in the Army at Fort Benning. I may or may not have met Siobhan 35 years ago when Kathy and I visited my family in Brooklyn on our way to being stationed in England. Neither of us remember. She is my Aunt Pat’s daughter. We visited Pat back in September. We had a good visit with her and her daughters Rowan, Maureen, and Liz.

Our visit was over too soon and we pressed on to Montgomery. The first thing we did was check out our old house on Gardendale Drive. It still looks the same. The oak tree I planted is gone but the maple is still in the front yard. The neighborhood is full of houses now. There were only about 30 during our time there.

Montgomery has really grown and changed a lot. I hardly recognized anything, especially where I used to work on Gunter AFS, now Maxwell AFB-Gunter Annex.

We went to Mike Brawley’s house where we’re staying while we visit Montgomery. Mike worked for me 25+ years ago and we’ve stayed in contact. He graciously opened his home to us. We went out to dinner and continued reliving old times and catching up on everything since then. The evening passed quickly and it was time to call it a night. Tomorrow we have a lot of places to visit.

Kathy – Well, I was happy to leave our roach infested lodging at Moody Air Force Base. Also having the central air conditioning set at 74 degrees makes for a hot nights sleep even with the windows open. We found a few more 2.5 inch by .5 inch cockroaches in our room before we left. They are scary, ugly, and huge! I’m praying none got in my pannier bags. Not interested in taking any of these with me to Montgomery.

A few minutes before we left the lodging room this morning we had a knock on the door. It was the exterminator wanting in our room to spray. We didn’t even call and tell them about the roaches. I guess someone else did. I let him know there were lots of critters awaiting him in the room and he just casually said, “Yeah, it’s getting cold so they’re comin in.” He said he would spray the room next door and then come to our room after we left. That was nice of him. 🙄 It may be cheap staying in lodging there, but not worth it.

That restaurant Hank is talking about was a pretty bad looking place. He drove 30 minutes (past many other restaurants) to this place because ‘it got good reviews’ (only 54 reviews). The things this guy gets me in to. It was pretty dirty inside and after our lodging experience I was wondering if the kitchen was full of roaches here. I had to…not think about it. 🙈 My shoes were sticking to the floor as we walked to our table. The booths seat was torn and partially fixed with some duct tape. I was afraid we were going to get sick after eating here but we ended up fine. The food was alright, not great by any means. I ate only part of my meal, just enough to settle my hunger. Thankful for the food, and more than happy to leave. I needed to use the restroom before we left but I didn’t, afraid of what I might find. Hit a water puddle in the parking lot on the way out to rinse my sticky shoe bottoms off in.

We had a nice visit with Hank’s cousin Siobhan, her three beautiful daughters, and their dog and cat. Our time went by too fast with them. Before we left, Maureen reminded me I forgot to go say goodbye to the cat so I promptly went in the other room any said goodbye to their cat. 🐈 Maureen had the biggest smile once she saw I actually went and told the cat goodbye.

Onward we traveled to Montgomery. It was great to see the first home we ever purchased still looking pretty good 31 years later. So many wonderful memories in that home.

A good dinner and lots of great conversations with Mike. We are very thankful for Mike opening his home up to us, he is an all-round great guy. Looking forward to the next few days in Montgomery, Alabama. We lived here for six years, 30 years ago. Happy to visit our old stomping ground.

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