Bye To Key West

Hank – Our day began with a bike ride into town and parasailing outside the harbor. The sudden moves and Kathy’s reaction to them were fun. And we had a great view of the nearby keys.

Once we returned to land it was time to get ready to leave. We broke camp, did laundry, picked up a few things at the store, and then rolled into town. We had a couple of hours to kill before catching the ferry to Fort Myers and had a large late lunch at the Couch Republic Seafood restaurant where we had ribs.

We checked in at the ferry and they took our bikes aboard for us. The ride was choppy for the first hour or so and I was beginning to regret that whole rack of rib. I went outside on the back of the boat and I settled down after 10-15 minutes. But I found our bikes were in the open on the back and getting plenty of spray so they’re going to need a good washing down after the salt water shower they received.

We pulled into port at 9:30 pm and our friends Jen and Ryan were there to pick us up. Jen lived two houses down from us in Spokane and their parents, Bob and Donna, are very good friends of ours. We’re staying with them for two nights before we press on with our trip. We chatted until almost midnight and could have gone longer had it been a reasonable hour for all parties involved.

Kathy – We put another 20 miles on our bikes riding around Key West today. It was an absolutely beautiful stunning and sunny day with temps in the low 80’s.

Our morning breezy ride into town for our parasailing adventures was very enjoyable. I always wanted to parasail so we took advantage of doing it here. I was a little nervous but excited this morning. Must say…it was so worth it! Within a minute of taking off up in the air my anxieties were gone. It was so peaceful flying high above the water with Hank at my side. The high up views of Key West and surrounding small islands was spectacular. Yachts, sailboats and many other boats were everywhere below us. The skies were blue, temps were warm and I could have stayed up there forever. If you ever get the chance to go parasailing, there is nothing to fear, do it…you won’t regret it. Two things I know…I will be back to Key West and I will parasail again. There is so much beauty, relaxation, adventure, and warmth down here that I must experience more of it in the future.

After parasailing we rode our bikes back to our camping site on the Navy base (about four miles away). We then cleaned up and did our chores (laundry and packing up). We rode back in to town and saw a few more sites. We had an excellent early dinner before loading the bikes up on the ferry and heading out for our four hour trip to Fort Meyers, Florida.

This is where the fun ends for awhile. Somehow we managed to get seats right in front of a couple in their late 60’s to early 70’s that we’re making out the entire four hour ferry ride! Who does that!?! Omg, it was ridiculous! Every time I looked up from my reading they were hugging, caressing each other and full on tongue-in-tongue kissing. She was even frequently stroking his overgrown facial hairs and his thin grey braided ponytail. 🤮 I would try to keep my head down, then I would forget when I took little breaks from reading. Seeing this forever make out session was NOT the best part of my day. It was in the evening so maybe I was tired and things were bothering me a bit more, regardless…not what everyone on that boat wanted to see, get a room! 🙄😝😳🤢

Oh, so we did make it to Fort Meyers. Then things got much better. 😊 Jen and Ryan were there to greet us. We will stay two nights with them. Seven years ago they had their wedding rehearsal dinner at our house by our pool. Ryan is a teacher and a personal trainer, and Jen is a graphic artist. Their jobs brought them to Fort Meyers. They both look fantastic. And now they are pregnant with their first baby that is due April 29th! Very excited for them, no doubt they will be amazing parents. Jen is super fit and is simply glowing. Her cute baby belly is adorable too. We loved catching up with them before calling it a night at midnight. It was such a good day…well except for the make out session. 🙊🙉🙈

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  1. You didn’t get the brief green flash during the sunset? You know about this phenomenon don’t you?


    1. I’m aware of the phenomenon but I did not see it this time. I saw it once in Hawaii. It was pretty cool.


      1. oh that’s too bad, would have been a cool picture though.

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