We’re On A Boat!

Hank – We had a light breakfast with Chris. Michael and Maya headed out and we told them goodbye. Monica was sleeping in late. Lucky!

We gave Chris the names of some of the trails we rode on last year that would be good for him and Monica. Sadly, the time came to say goodbye. We’ve met so many wonderful people and Chris and Monica are definitely members of that group.

We worked our way south through residential areas to Hwy 1 where we got onto a bike/pedestrian trail that parallels it. We stayed on that all the way to Homestead and then Florida City where we got on Hwy 1.

We stopped for lunch in Homestead at Son of a Pizza where we met Catherine and Jake, who work there. We let out what we were up to and they thought it was pretty cool. Jake told us to stop by Robbie’s where you can hand feed tarpon fish. Sounds like a plan.

We had plenty of shoulder on Hwy 1. There was lots of traffic. Several vehicles honked at us in recognition of what we were doing. We always waved back.

I had planned for us to stay at Pelican Cay RV Campground and had been in contact with the owner who said we could have a tent site for one night. She gave me the instructions for contacting the manager once we arrived. We arrived and couldn’t contact him. I walked around and found Bob and Tom at Bob’s RV. Bob told us that the manager was probably passed out and that if he didn’t see us by the time we left tomorrow morning we could pay him (Bob) and he’d pay the manager. Bob treated us to some homemade fudge while we were chatting with him.

We put up our tent on the best spot we could find in the dirt and rock mix. The campground is in the middle of a marina and every spot there was occupied by a boat.

While setting up the tent a car pulled up and a gentleman and his wife got out. I said hello and told them they had neighbors for one night. It turned out that Sergio and Eliana owned the two boats moored right next to our so called campsite. They rent them out on AirBnb. One thing lead to another and Sergio said one boat was available for tonight only. He invited us to have a look. It was a thousand times better than a rock and dirt tent site, which was right next to the boat. He normally charges $85-$140/night. He gave it to us for the price he pays to have it cleaned–$50. Sold! What a nice person. Sergio and Eliana are from Chile. They are retired and they own several boats that they rent out so they have something to do in their retirement.

We moved in, took showers, opened the bottle of wine we picked up earlier today, and celebrated our good fortune. Dinner for me was dehydrated Beef Stroganoff. 

Kathy – We meet such great people on our trip and Chris and Monica are two to add to our list. We could have spent all day talking to them but we had to move on. We so appreciate them opening up their home to us. We hope they will come and ride in Spokane so we can treat them to some Washington hospitality.

Our 40 mile ride in high 70 degree temps was pretty nice. We met more kind people and enjoyed our conversations with them. Wishing Catherine and Jake, Bob (thank you for the amazing fudge!) and Tom, and Sergio and Eliana all the best.

We really hit the jackpot getting this air conditioned three bedroom boat. It is stocked full of everything you need too…including two bottles of wine and a box of chocolates in the fridge! We skipped eating and drinking their stuff as we had our own food and just happened to pick up a bottle of wine too. So here we are cleaned up, pretty comfy having our dinner and wine on this beautiful boat. We are SO lucky! We normally don’t watch too much TV, but the boat has one and the Seattle Seahawks are playing tonight for a wild card spot so the TV is on. Hoping the Seahawks have a great game tonight. I told Hank with all the wonderful people we have met today and the pretty cool things that have happened today, we should buy a lottery ticket! Day 2 back on the road has been pretty fantastic. Now, let me get back to my wine and the Seahawks game. 😉🍷🏈

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