Last Day Before Going Home For The Holidays

Hank – We didn’t have far to go today since we’re only going to a hotel in Fort Lauderdale for a day and then fly home tomorrow. Riding down A1A from Delray Beach to Boca Raton you’d think we were in the middle of a time trial race. Roadies, most of them riding alone, zipped by us going both directions. One chatted with us for a minute and then went on ahead. When we arrived in Boca Raton he was coming back towards us and wanting us to stop. His name was Radames and he wanted to make sure we knew that part of A1A ahead of us was closed. I was aware of that and we werent headed that way anyway because we were about to turn inland and take a different road. Radames is going to do an organized ride around Puerto Rico in January. La Vuelta Puerto Rico is a 375-mile circuit of the island you do in three days. It’s 155 miles the first day, 78 on the second, and 133 on the last. Sounds like fun and we wish Radames well.

After leaving Boca Raton we rode through mostly urban and some industrial area so it wasn’t nearly as pretty as the coastline. Going around the airport I got to see a plane come in right over me. After checking in at the hotel and cleaning up we went to the Paradise Tiki Bar and Grill for dinner and drinks.

Tomorrow we drop our bikes off at a shop where they’ll get a good going over while we’re home. We’ll store our gear at a friend’s brother’s house. And then we fly home to spend the holidays with family and friends.

Kathy – It was an easy 36-mile ride today, sunny with temps in the mid 70’s. Our beginning miles were filled with seeing gated mansions and large condominiums, all with immaculately landscaped yards. Then things changed and we were in more industrialized areas for the remainder of our ride, until we hit the city. Yes, hard to believe we rode our bikes to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It is so far from home! Tomorrow we board a seven hour flight to Seattle and then another 45 minute flight to Spokane. I am really enjoying this Florida weather…I’m gonna freeze in Spokane! ❄️🥶❄️

On another note, I literally have hundreds of bug bites now. Those ‘no see-um’ bugs have really gotten to me. My arms, legs, neck, and back are full of bites and they itch like crazy. I had to get into our medicine pack (that I have and never open) to take a Benadryl in order to sleep last night. I’ve tried without relief many different lotions and creams. So today I stopped by a store and picked up some Calamine lotion to see if it would help. Looking forward to a break from the outdoor elements here to allow my skin time to heal.

Lastly, today is Hank’s 62nd Birthday! 🎉🎂 Happy Birthday Hank!!! 🎈🎊 After our ride, getting cleaned up, and doing laundry it didn’t leave us much time to celebrate. We took an Uber to the Tiki resturant and bar. It was pretty quiet for a Tuesday evening. Right on the water in the mix of a yacht area. Had a nice time then walked back to the hotel. We will celebrate this wonderful guys birthday a bit more when we get home.

I must say how thankful and blessed I am to have Hank in my life. We have been together 39 years total and this guy has made them all fantastic. We have so many wonderful memories. Hank came up with this crazy idea for cycling the states. So happy we ran with it. Love our adventures together and looking forward to many more. I love this guy so much and couldn’t imagine my life with anyone else. ❤️❤️❤️

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  1. SNina Shephard FSPA December 19, 2018 at 8:23 am

    Have a blessed Christmas!


  2. Happy birthday Hank. Enjoy your day. Hope you both have a wonderful Christmas at home.


    1. Thank you, Gloria. Merry Christmas to you and John.


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