Jonathan Dickinson State Park

Hank – I had breakfast at the restaurant that was connected to the hotel. Kathy made a peanut butter sandwich from our food supplies. I should’ve done the same. That had to be the saddest omelette I’ve ever had.

We headed south to Stuart to visit our friends Jim and Robyn Cataldo. We knew them from our time at Fairchild AFB and haven’t seen them in years. We had a great visit with them. Their son Tyler was a young boy that last time we saw him. He’s currently in his first year of college at the Florida Institute of Technology. And we got to meet the new additions to their family, Isaiah, Joshua, and Mateo, three brothers they adopted about 18 months ago and Robyn’s sister Kim. We had a great visit with them.

We grabbed some lunch after leaving the Cataldo family. I called the Jonathan Dickinson State Park, told them we were traveling by bicycle, and asked if they had any tent sites available. The ranger told that he’d fix us up with something as long as we arrived before dark. No problem. We did and he did so we’re camping out tonight. The sky is clear and it’s just warm/cool enough. Hopefully we sleep like babies tonight.

Kathy – Our hotel was not that great so I figured the restaurant attached to it would not be very good either. I am happy I skipped their breakfast this morning. My peanut butter and banana flatbread sandwich was perfect with my tea.

Our 39-mile ride today was a little on the warm side. Beautiful sunny day with a light wind and temps in the mid 80s. We had plenty of shoulder room to ride on. The non-stop traffic going by made for a noisy ride though. Maybe the roads were busy because people are possibly finishing up their Christmas shopping or traveling to family/friends homes for the holidays. We were a bit tired at the end of our ride, most likely due to all our sun exposure and not drinking enough water. We have pushed the fluids this evening to make up for it.

It was great to see the Cataldo Family today! We were hoping to meet up in Maryland but it didn’t work out. Jim recently took a job down here in Florida which is near Tyler’s college, and a few of Robyn and Jim’s family members. The plan is for Robyn and the three boys to move down once they work out the schools and selling their house up north. So it worked out in our favor that Robyn and the three boys just came to Florida yesterday for the holidays. I bought a few trinkets for the boys to play with. They are all cuties! Tyler is such a fantastic young man. Can’t believe how grown up he is. Kim (Robyn’s sister) is a nice gal. We spent a few hours chatting nonstop and catching up. We could have stayed much longer but we had to finish our riding for the day. It was a really nice visit with these wonderful people. Happy we were able to connect!

I’m nursing all my bug bites over the past few days. I must have at least 50 bites. According to my wonderful husband who read up on the bugs in Florida, they have 46 different species of the ‘no see-um’ bugs. Those tiny little creatures are hard to see but leave their mark. I may have a few other types of bug bites too. Yesterday as we rode we were covered in bugs, they were everywhere. You had to keep your mouth closed while riding…unless you needed a snack. It was disgusting. For some reason the bugs like me more than Hank. I have been spraying on this natural mist stuff that is supposed to keep the bugs at bay. Barbara gave me the spray in Savannah. It doesn’t seem to help, or maybe it is helping and I could have even more bites if I didn’t use it. Trying to keep hydrocortisone cream on to avoid itching them. Why do we have so many bugs in this world?#!*? I realize bug bites come with being outdoors so much, but it’s not my favorite of our adventures.

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