It’s The Cops!

Hank – This morning we went to the National Police Museum in Titusville. I enjoyed it very much. Some of the old equipment on display looked familiar from my law enforcement days in the Air Force. There was a breathalyzer much like the one I got certified on in North Dakota back in 1976. During the last two days of the class half of the class was provided enough alcohol to get legally drunk (.10 back in those days) and the other half tested them in the machines. Since I was not 21 I couldn’t drink so I tested my classmates for two days. When I did get to partake when I got certified in Illinois a couple years later.

There was a Fort Worth police car on display with notes written all over it. A police officer named Hank Nava had died of a gunshot wound after trying to arrest a suspect in 2005. At his service fellow officers, friends, and relatives wrote notes on his car. So the car was preserved and placed here. It was somber.

An unusual display item was a guillotine. I could understand the gas chamber, electric chair, and noose displayed as methods of execution but to my knowledge the guillotine was never used in America.

The letter from Clyde Barrow to Henry Ford praising his cars and their engines was humorous. One strange aspect of the Bonnie and Clyde display was the mention that Clyde Barrow was gay, Bonnie Parker was a nymphomaniac, and a another gang member was bisexual and looks turns going to bed with them. I had never heard that before and after reading up on them the history isn’t all that clear on that but what a strange thing to focus on considering the law breaking that made them famous.

After taking in all the exhibits we headed over to Orlando.  Along the way was had to pay a toll three times. It only added up to $5.00 but I was puzzled as to why there were three toll stations on the same highway. Toll roads are foreign to me.

Kathy heard from a couple friends she last worked with two years ago. They were attending a conference in Orlando so all wanted to connect. We met them at Disney Springs for dinner. They had a great time catching up. We walked around the shops and stores after dinner to catch all the Christmas displays.

Kathy – The Police Museum Hall of Fame was very interesting. There are lots of police memorabilia including many big and little guns. Obviously I do not know a lot about guns. In my 30+ years of medicine, I just know they hurt people so I mainly keep my distance from them.

There are tributes to fallen officers including moments in our history like 9-11 and the Oklahoma City bombing where many died. We saw displays of transport vehicles including police cars, motorcycles, bikes and snowmobiles. There was even an area dedicated to the police officers who protect the presidents. I found the educational materials very interesting, such as drunk driving, driving using cell phones, the history of the Amber Alert system, the children’s information area on how/when to dial 911, and how to respond to stranger dangers.

The sobering part was the center of the circular building that is dedicated to all of the police officers who have died in the line of duty. There are many memorials on the floor near areas where loved ones names are etched in the marble stones. Every officer from every state is that passed away in the line of duty is listed here. They also have a computer data base where you can look up an officer you may know and find their name on the marble stone walls. It is a sad but beautiful tribute. Overall, this museum is a must see if you are in the area.

After we left the museum we drove the rental car to our hotel in Orlando, Florida home of Disney World. Well, if you are traveling around the U.S. on bicycles, ya gotta stop at Disney World, riiight! Hank and I have never been so we are going to take two days and see Disney World & Epcot Center.

By far the highlight of our day was spending time and sharing a meal with two of my previous co-workers, or should I say friends. Bonnie and Karen are in Orlando for a work conference and I am so happy Bonnie reached out to me to let me know they were here. It was so great to see Bonnie and Karen! They are both such good people (and hard workers). Loved catching up with them about their families and current work. We caught up on some of our old co-workers and where they are at now, and really just talked nonstop for a good few hours. It was just a wonderful time. We promised to see them as we pass through Portland, Oregon on our bikes next summer. Wishing them all the best. Thank you Bonnie and Karen for taking time out of your busy schedules to spend time with us! You are true gems! ❤️

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  2. I made a spoke gun when I was a kid. It was awesome!


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