Beyond The Speedway

Hank – We had a lot of miles planned for today so we tried and failed to get an early start. Fortunately, the winds were on our side and we ripped through 60 miles like it was nobody’s business.

We stopped at the Java Joint in Beverly Beach for lunch. The inside was decorated mostly for Pittsburgh Steelers fans. Some people can get carried away, you know?

We took a break at a small park in Ormond Beach and discovered this was where some speed demons raced cars, including steam powered ones, and motorcycles from 1903-1910. Glenn Curtis, who later went on to build airplanes held the fastest motorcycle speed (136 mph) for a while. His bike had a V-8 engine. And a steam powered car held a speed record of 127 mph for four years. Steam powered! That’s wild.

Traffic was busy as we got through the towns and to the campground. Most of our first 30 miles was along the beach and ocean. We didn’t have much traffic then so it was the most enjoyable part of our ride today. We didn’t bother with the Daytona Speedway because they don’t have any steam powered cars there.

One last stop before the campground in Port Orange and we bought some Mike’s Hard Lemonade and some hard cider to go with our dinners. Actually, that was our second last stop. At our first last stop Kathy got in line at the drive through liquor store to buy some Chardonnay. They didn’t have any wine. Judging from the other clientele I don’t think they had much in the way of your more refined liquor either.

Since we arrived at the campground by 3:00 pm we can enjoy some relaxation time tonight. Apparently I did not refresh my sun block often enough. My face is pretty red.

There was one humorous moment from today I want to note. A woman’s reaction once she learned of what we’ve done and where we plan to go.

“Holy shit box!”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Kathy – Today was a beautiful day in Florida. Sun was shining and the temps were in the high 60’s with a nice ocean breeze to keep us cool. We did 60 miles and it went great. We had a slight tailwind which helped us a tad. We were averaging 15-18 mph. That’s pretty darn good considering the weight we have on our bikes. It was a pretty sweet and easy ride. Side note: we actually passed a approximate 25 year old cyclist that was in a tank top with bulging muscles on a bike with no weight. You could tell he was trying to keep up with us but it wasn’t happening. There was no way I was going to let that guy beat us! Us oldies kicked his butt and left him in the sandy dust!

Tomorrow we head to Titusville, Florida where we will see the Kennedy Space Center. It is December and I’m really loving the warm Florida weather and the nice roadways we are on. The beautiful ocean are also helping make this state move quickly towards the top of my favorite states to cycle in. ☀️Beautiful day, great ride…all is good.

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  1. on tomorrow’s agenda, finally somewhere I’ve been, (Kennedy Space Center Tours), Seen any alligator’s yet? I remember seeing them at the KSC. btw,
    Some of your pictures are blurry, not by chance forgetting to wipe moisture off lens before taking?


    1. Hmmmm, checking into what could be causing the blurry photos. Thanks


  2. Looks toasty and warm, good golfing weather but wait. No photos of courses in Florida?


    1. We did pass by a PGA and an LPGA course as well as many others but golf courses are boring. 😊


  3. Glad that you beat the cold snap 👍


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