Savannah – Day Three

Hank – Today was a day of relaxation and hanging out with our friends. Our friends taught us a card game called Hand and Foot. Kathy and I caught on quickly and we had a great time playing. We also checked out the sunset from the dock and got some cool photos.

Tomorrow we say goodbye and hit the road–in the rain. ☹️

Kathy – Today we prepped for getting back on the road tomorrow. A little food shopping, laundry and packing up pannier bags took up some of our time today.

We relaxed and had many more wonderful conversations with Diane, Tom, Don and Barbara. We have all just clicked so well. It is so easy to enjoy these good people.

Skidaway Island, Georgia is near the Atlantic Ocean with marsh areas around it. Don & Barbara live in The Landing Point, a beautiful gated community with about 5,000 homes. Palm trees everywhere and houses are strategically placed to allow maximum views of the ocean, ponds and golf courses, while maintaining minimal views of neighboring homes. There are so many lakes along with the multiple golf courses here and all have immaculate landscaping. It is a very beautiful place.

Diane and I went out in the golf cart and toured about this island.

We were supposed to go to the marina but of course we got lost (as we always do when we venture out together). Just a reminder of our Hurricane Katrina days. In our three volunteer trips down there we did lots of exploring during our small amount of time off, and we always got lost. Thankful for Google Maps. Anyway, Diane and I found our way to a restaurant on the island, had a drink and enjoyed girl talk for a bit. It was a great few hours for us.

We did make it to the marina later in the evening (Don drove the golf cart) and we enjoyed seeing the sunset. Since we have been spoiled by these wonderful friends the past three days, it was our turn to treat. Hank and I made dinner. Chicken Cacciatore, salad, bread and a few small desserts made for a great meal. Well, along with more yummy wines from Don & Barbara’s collection. More fun was had after dinner playing a new card game called hand and foot. It is a great game. Looking forward to teaching this game to our family and friends back in Spokane. Since it was getting late we had to call it a night. I know we have to leave tomorrow but I’m not looking forward to it. We have really enjoyed our time here.

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