Georgia Bound

Hank – A cold wind was blowing this morning. We left late hoping we’d catch some warmer temps during our 30-mile ride to Hardeeville.

We followed frontage road to the town of Ridgeland where we got  back on US Highway 17. While there we stopped at the Piggly Wiggly for a snack. The cashier noticed my Spokane cap. It turns out that up until she was 14 she spent every Christmas in Spokane because her parents worked for Ice Capades.  They stayed at the old Ridpath Hotel each time. Apparently she keeps up with Spokane news because she started telling me the latest developments with the Ridpath and the Riverfront Park renovations.

Pressing onward, Kathy and I covered the last 16 miles and arrived at the Hardeeville Dairy Queen at the appointed time of 2:00 pm.

Waiting there were Kathy’s friend Diane and her in-laws Don and Barb. Don and Barb live just south of Savannah and everyone was concerned for our safety were we to ride our bikes there. So we loaded our bikes onto the bike rack and piled our panniers into a second car.

Diane’s husband Tom was there when we arrived. We got cleaned up and then chatted and drank wine before dinner. Dinner was a fabulous Low Country Boil that Tom put together. Wine was sipped and our hosts took in tall tales of our travels all evening. It was a great time and we really appreciate Don and Barb sharing their home with us.

Point of Order – While Georgia is our 28th state, we’re not counting it until we ride in it.

Kathy – It was a chilly and windy 30-mile ride to Hardeeville, South Carolina. Lucky for us the sun was shining and blue sky’s adorned us. With the strong winds, I must say I was happy to arrive at our destination today.

I was so excited to see my dear friend Diane waving us down as we arrived at the Pilot gas station/Dairy Queen. Diane is a nurse and we met when we both volunteered to help out with medical needs just after Hurricane Katrina hit back in 2005. We went south twice as nurses to help out after Katrina (5 weeks of volunteering). Diane is one of those great people you meet and we just hit it off immediately, and you know you will remain friends for a long time. Six months after Katrina we ended up back in New Orleans a third time. This time instead of doing nursing duties we volunteered to help build houses for three weeks in St. Bernards Parrish. We have so many great memories from our volunteering days.

Diane and I have not seen each other since 2006. We have kept in touch via Facebook, but it was awesome to see her again. She looks fantastic and is just as feisty as I remember her. 😉 I just love her spirit and I’m so looking forward to spending a few days with her to catch up on life.

It was also great to meet Diane’s husband Tom. I have heard so much about him that it was good to finally meet him. Tom’s brother Don and his wife Barbara are our hosts. They are truly wonderful people too. We are so grateful for them opening up their beautiful home to us. I knew I would get along quiet nicely with them when I seen their I seen their approximate ten foot by five foot wine cabinet fully stocked. 😄 No really though, we are very appreciative of all the hospitality.

Our evening was filled with amazing conversations, a super fantastic meal provided by Tom and a little wine, of course. At some point we will venture out and see Savannah, Georgia but right now we are just really enjoying this time with these wonderful people. Feeling pretty blessed right now. 💗

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  1. It’s great keeping up with you guys. 🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️🚵‍♂️
    Continued safe travels and blessings

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    1. Thanks, Matt. Apparently you and Diane met while volunteering in New Orleans, too.


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