Hank – Last night’s campsite was free but it still came with a price. A couple of railroad lines were about 300 feet away from us. Six trains came through before we went to bed. Most of the trains were short and since there’s an Amtrak station up ahead in Yemassee, I’m guessing they were Amtrak runs. The long freight trains made sure we took notice by shaking the earth beneath us.

The thunderstorms in the forecast stayed south of us so we only got some occasional showers. The cold front that blasted through the middle of the country hits us tonight. We’re looking at 28 degrees. Looks like I’ll be breaking out the Merino wool to sleep in.

We packed up a wet tent and dry gear and got back on US Highway 17 yet again. We only had 23 miles to go the the KOA campground. We had good shoulder for all but the last nine miles, but traffic was light so we didn’t have any issues in that department.

We stopped at the Carolina Cider Company store. I tasted their peach cider and it was delicious. I snacked on a  tasty bourbon cinnamon scone. Kathy got a blueberry almond bar. We didn’t need to fuel up but it was worth stopping for and we weren’t in a rush today anyway.

The ride still went quickly since it was so short. But right when we were about to enter the KOA campground Kathy stopped. There was a Best Western hotel behind us. She decided to check and see if she had enough points to score a free room for the night. She did so we booked the room. It was going to get below freezing with constant 20 mph winds. It turned out the hotel has a restaurant and a bar.  Kathy was concerned that she might be wimping out but I think she chose wisely.

In the bar this evening we met Peter and Danny. Both live in Massachusetts and have places in Florida. Once they heard our story they invited us to stay with them in Florida. Danny has a place in Palm Bay and Peter is in Marathon.

Kathy – It was a pretty short ride for us today, but we did have to work for those 24 miles. It was gradual uphill and 20+mph headwinds were there to greet us. The misty rain did help to keep us cool in the muggy 68 degree weather though.

Now as far as the Camping vs. Hotel tonight…

    Camping – $35 cost, sleeping in the tent with 28 degree temps and 20 mph winds.
    • Hotel – $ Free, with a hot shower, warm room, comfy bed, restaurant attached to the hotel.

Yeah, I wimped out. But I think I chose wisely!

On today’s ride I didn’t think too much about all the dead animals on the side of the road (like yesterday). I’m sure you are thankful for that.

Today I thought about how our lives have changed. Last year on the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend we were like most of you are today…going back to work tired. Most people had a packed-full weekend of family/friends time, cooking, football, shopping and/or putting up Christmas decorations. We did none of that. No annual Gingerbread House decorating party for us this year, and no going back to work today either.

No stresses for us as we ride our bikes (other than watching traffic). It seems the longer I do this, the more relaxed I become. Most of you know I used to thrive on stress and burning the candle at both ends. This trip is changing me. Instead of Hank telling me to relax and take it easy, on occasion I have told him that. Yes hard to believe I’m telling my super laid back husband to relax, but it’s true.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is, try something different in your life. You never know how it might change you (or your life) for the better. And, you might even enjoy it! Take daily little steps to eventually create the life you want. Any change requires a little work and perseverance, but it’s nothing you can’t do. You only have one life, and it goes by quickly. Make changes, and live it the way you want before it’s over. Think about it…dream it, plan it, and then do it.

In the meantime, I hope you were not too tired or too stressed today. Wishing you a relaxing evening. 💗💗💗

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  1. Happy Belated Thanksgiving you two! Yes, we are back and work and stressed…hahah! Enjoy…be safe out there!


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