Happy Thanksgiving

Hank – Wow, what a cold night that was. Not cold enough to freeze the condensation, but the humid air really penetrated.

Just after sun up there were four trucks with empty boat trailers in the parking lot above the boat ramp. That must be some pretty sweet fishing to be out there on Thanksgiving Day.

Kathy had a peanut butter sandwich and banana for breakfast. I went with a Clif bar, an apple, and some Fig Newtons. We took our time to get started because we had a short day, if you can call 38 miles a short day, and we didn’t want to show up at the hotel too early before check-in time.

We made good time with the wind mostly to our back. Next thing you know 20 miles went by and it was time to stop for a snack. I bought some cheese and some Ritz crackers at the gas station. When I opened the cheese I found it was moldy so I exchanged it for a nonmoldy one.

Crossing the Ravenal Bridge going into Charleston was something. First of all, it had a separate path for pedestrians and cyclists. We had a long climb, but at the apex we had a great view of Charleston. The Overton family was there when we stopped and we got to chat with them and take some photos. We meet friendly people everywhere we go.

Riding down the 1.7 mile downhill side of the bridge was sweet. Soon we got through downtown and went further south to our hotel. (Thank you for being a rewards member. We upgraded your room at no cost. Whoo-hoo!)

After we showered Kathy looked for an open restaurant that was serving a turkey dinner. We caught an Uber to Tradds, which turned out to be an excellent choice. The place has only been open a month and it has well-deserved rave reviews. April took good care of us there.

Back at the hotel and the decision to make was, do we do laundry tonight or tomorrow. Maybe I’ll sleep on it.

Kathy – Last night was really cold. I was awake for a few hours because I was so cold. I thought about pulling my woolies out but kept thinking I was fine and would get back to sleep. Should have pulled the woolies out because it took about three hours to get back to sleep. Happy we had a short ride today and I managed to get back to sleep until 7am.

Our 38 mile ride today was pretty easy. We varied with and without shoulder areas. For the most part drivers were very courteous and moved over to give us road room. Occasionally we had a jerk that squeezed right next to us (when they had plenty of room to go around us). I’m gonna count my blessings today and focus on all the wonderful people who moved over for us, rather than focus on those few jerks out there.

The bridge coming into Charleston, South Carolina is pretty spectacular. It is almost four miles in length, eight lanes of traffic wide, and raises very high off the ground. We rocked it getting up and over it. 😉 We were happy to arrive in Charleston and look forward to a few down days to check out this amazing city.

Our Thanksgiving Dinner was incredible at Tradd’s resturant. We would have preferred to be spending the day with family and friends, but this year is different. We miss all our family and friends and hope you all had an amazing belly-filled day with family and friends.

Things we are thankful for:

1. We are healthy enough to do this 50 state bicycle trip. Being able to do it together is the icing on the cake. Also thankful we are financially able to do it too. We are 27 states into it, and it is an amazing journey so far.

2. We have three great kids that we are so proud of. And, a new daughter-in-law that we are just as proud of. We love you all more than you will ever know.

3. We have so much support from all our family and friends. Old friends and new found friends. We love and miss you all.

4. We are looking forward to taking a few days off from riding to enjoy Charleston, South Carolina before meeting up with an old dear friend in Savannah, Georgia.

5. Life is good. We are blessed beyond means. We are thankful and grateful for all we have. We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Please enjoy this day with those you love. ❤️❤️❤️

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  1. Sounds like a great Thanksgiving!
    Miss you both. ❤️❤️


  2. Happy Thanksgiving!


    1. Happy Thanksgiving to both of you. This time I spent it with my brother and wife and family. Great dinner & trimmings as usual. Take care, be safe &
      God’s blessings


      1. Thank you Marilyn. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving too! 💗

    2. Thanks, John.


  3. You are in my favorite City/Charleston, SC…My husband and I got engaged there in Jan. 1991…and have returned there almost annually over the years…The Ravenel Bridge is Spectacular…her predecessor was nail biting to traverse and a cyclist taking it would have had a death wish.. LOL. If you are into Civil War History…I highly recommend Ft. Sumter, where IT all began. And you might also appreciate a trek to the Angel Oak..just south of the city on John’s Is. Also interesting is The Charleston Tea Plantation…Just hanging around town and peering in gates/gardens was OUR personal favorite pass time…The Camellias/Sasanquas should be glorious right now. If you haven’t already you’ll get hooked and reeled in by the Low Country Cuisine. REGARDS, Kathy


    1. Thanks. So much to see and so little time, but we’re working on it.


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