Play Day

Hank – We took a day off, hung out with Rich and Melisa and family, and checked out the old downtown of Wilmington. There was a street fair today with lots of vendors. And there were quite a few classic cars on display.

Erik and Lena got used to me and Kathy and played some games with us. Between tag and hide-n-seek Erik about wore me out. Erik is concerned with when we will see him again after we leave in the morning.

Kathy – It was an absolutely beautiful day in Wilmington, N.C. today. It was sunny with temps in the mid 60’s. We enjoyed our walk about in the downtown areas exploring. We found lots of interesting and informative sights. We then met Rich, Melisa, Derrick and the kiddos Erik and Lena for lunch downtown. It was a great meal with just as good conversations.

We spent the evening playing with games with Erik and Lena. They have come around to us well. Such great children! We really enjoyed them and will miss them as we leave tomorrow. We also had lot of time for continued conversations with Rich and Melisa during the evening. The are such wonderful people and we are thankful for our time with them. Overall I t was a good relaxing day with great people. 😊

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