Hey, It’s The Cops

Hank – We got an early start this morning because we knew we had more than 50 miles to cover with a headwind hindering us most of the way. We turned right out of the Econo Lodge parking lot just after 7:00 am. The sun was up. The temp was in the high 40s. The wind chill was 38 degrees. Kathy was layered up. Those who know me know I was wearing shorts as usual. We were down to our last two dehydrated meals so we stopped by Walmart to pick some up.

We followed NC Highway 24 almost the entire day. We had good shoulder, sidewalk, or a bike path most of the time. Once the road became a divided highway we had plenty of shoulder. Traffic increased as we got closer to Camp Lejeune. Instead of staying at the inn on base we decided to go to a campground on the other side of Jacksonville, which is just past Camp Lejeune. Then tomorrow we’ll have a 60-mile ride to Wilmington where we will stay with some friends of my youngest sister, Kathy.

We entered Jacksonville and tried to merge onto US Highway 17, which would take us directly to the campground. Just as we got on the ramp to 17 a cop with his lights and siren going pulled over a white pickup truck right in front of us.

“Ha! You’re busted, Kathy. I wonder what he’s stopping you for,” I joked.

We started going around the cop car when he got out and held up his hand.

He was stopping us, not the truck.

“You can’t go this way,” he said. “Bicycles are not allowed on the bypass. You have to take that road.” He pointed off to our right.


We pushed our bikes across the grass and went where we were told. It added a couple miles but what’re ya gonna do, fight the law? Not over that.

We finally arrived at Cabin Creek Campground where for only $20 we got a tent site and a warm shower. The tent site area sustained a lot of damage during the hurricane. Debris is all over the place and the gravel roads are pretty washed out. But it’s adequate and private. At our last stop before arriving here Kathy bought a can of Mike’s Hard Lemonade for her and an Angry Orchard Hard Cider for me.

I am content

Kathy – Our 53 miles today was a bit on the chilly side. Headwinds the entire day was not so much fun, but it wasn’t horrible either. Maybe…just maybe, I am getting used to this headwind stuff now. Maaaybee!!!

It was a very beautiful fall day with a stunning blue cloudless sky. The ride good, and the hot shower was even better. The temps are supposed to warm up a little more tomorrow. It looks like we need to head south a little faster to find the warm weather. We are working on it. 😊

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