Weather Day

We sat out the rain today. Instead of staying in Camp Lejeune tomorrow we are riding past it to a campground. The latest forecast has about five days of nice weather coming our way. Might as well enjoy it. In other news we heard our interaction with cycling videographer Ryan Druzer was published a couple days ago. You can view it here. We are at the 5:40 mark.

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  1. Winter is catching up to you guys. Your gonna have to pick up the pace to get to warmer weather. (Florida?) Lol


    1. Workin’ on it! 😊


  2. Let me know your whereabouts in the rest of NC, SC or Georgia. I will try and mesh up with you. Love to see you and meet Hank


    1. Diane, I sent you an email with my cell number (509) 251-4026. Call me and let’s make this happen! I would absolutely love to see you! ❤️ Kathy


    2. Sorry Diane, I typed the wrong cell number. My correct cell number is (509) 251-4036. ❤️ Kathy


  3. Great cameo in the video with a even greater message.


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