This Is Not The Campground You Are Looking For

Hank – Tina invited us in for a light breakfast this morning. Kathy and I packed up and went inside. We chatted for a while since we had a short 20 miles today. Tina showed us their thankful pumpkin. Carlton, Tina, and J.R. write a single word describing something they are thankful for. Kathy added kindness for Carlton and Tina’s kindness towards us. Before we rode off, Tina gave us some dehydrated green beans she got at the farmer’s market. They are (were) delicious.

We headed south on highway 158 and stopped by the Jarvisburg Historic Colored School to check out the museum. We’ll, it turns out it’s open on Wed, Thursday, and Sat. Today is Friday. Chalk up another “bad timing” for us again. Bummer.

A few miles later we stopped for lunch at Simply Southern. Then we pressed onward on 158. We rode against traffic across the bridge because that side has a 6-foot shoulder. The eastbound side has a 2-foot shoulder and one lane was closed. We got legal again after making it to the other side.

We headed to the Outbound Adventure Campground. Along the way we saw the preparations being made for the OBX Marathon, which is happening on Sunday. (OBX is an abbreviation for Outer Banks.) The police department had a very entertaining sign. (See the photo)

We arrived at the campground only to find “Campground Closed” signs all over the place. The woman in the office told us they closed it down permanently. There are a couple of nearby RV campgrounds but they don’t do tent sites. She recommended Joe and Kay’s Campground. I called there and they had tent sites available. So we rode on because what else are we gonna do, right?

Along the way a man on an e-bike came out of a parking lot and rode and talked with us. He introduced himself as George Dintiman and told us he was a running back for the Baltimore Colts back in 1958-59–my toddler years. Since then George got an education and has done some serious work in sports conditioning and health education. He took off after a bit and then we ran into him again. He had sped home to tell his wife about us and she wanted to meet us. Carol Ann had two homemade chocolate-covered peanut butter balls and two ice cold bottles of water for us. We chatted with her and George for a while and she also gave us a copy of a book she wrote. George and Carol Ann are pretty fit for their ages and they are still going strong. We enjoyed our time with them and the peanut butter balls were delicious.

We had just over a mile to Joe and Kay’s Campground. Emily showed us the tent area and checked us in. Practically everything in the campground is in some sort of disrepair. But it’s the only nearby tent site so we make the best of it.

We set up camp and showered. Dehydrated meals for dinner again tonight. YUM!!!

Kathy – We really enjoyed our time with Tina this morning. She is such a great hostess. Even though we just met Tina and Carlton last night, we really clicked with them. We are grateful for the ride to their place, letting us stay in their R.V., and for breakfast this morning. I did suggest to Hank that it was a nice R.V. and we should go buy one and finish the last 24 states in it. No go from him. 😉

I gave Tina a pack of my flower seeds and she will plant them in the spring. Just doing my part to make America more beautiful, planting one pack of flower seeds in each state we visit. I only have 24 packs left…my pannier bags are getting lighter! Anyway, we had to leave our newfound friends so we thanked Tina for everything, got our hugs in, said our goodbyes, and off we rode.

Another 28 miles of riding today. The temps were in the low 60’s with lots of wind. The high winds are common in the North Carolina Outer Banks. It was cloudy and a little rainy throughout the day. The sun did peak out once or twice but not for very long. Our ride was an easy gradual uphill most the way. The hardest part of our ride today was going over the two mile bridge. The headwinds were very strong there. We were riding against traffic so we had a wide shoulder and the constant stream of cars and trucks added to our strong headwinds. No worries though, we tugged along and didn’t give up! 👍🏻 😉

We enjoyed reading all the signs along the roadway, and for the most part traffic was very kind to us with the small shoulder on the main road. We did get off the main road a few times and enjoyed some quiet time on paved trails.

Meeting George and Carol Ann was pretty cool. I was OK with the first tent site being closed because otherwise we may have never crossed paths with George and Carol Ann. By the way, these two don’t stop, they stay extremely healthy for their age. George is 82 and Carol Ann is 77 years old. They both play tennis a lot and ride their bikes. Carol Ann said she gets at least 9 – 10 miles of walking in on her Fitbit everyday. She also tries to cycle 1 – 2 hours daily. Those two are probably more fit than we are! We can only hope to be that healthy in our later years. I’m looking forward to reading Carol Ann’s book that she gave me.

What great people we have meet in the past few days! This is one of the best part of our travels, meeting so many amazing people. Seeing this beautiful country is also a plus…but the people are really what make it all worthwhile. I am feeling blessed beyond words tonight. ❤️

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  1. We really enjoyed meeting you yesterday and you made my day. We will enjoy following your blog.


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