Shorter Day Than Planned

Hank – Tonya at the desk at our hotel didn’t want us to wait for the shuttle so she drove us to the storage place to get our bikes. How nice was that? And she refused to accept a tip. We retrieved out bikes and made sure our contract was terminated. (I mailed them a letter last week with their 10 day notice.) Then we rode back to the hotel to repack and get our cycling clothes on.

While we had planned to ride to North River Campground, it was not to be. Kathy needed her hearing aids checked at Costco and they could only see her at 2:30. Since we’re back on Daylight Wasting Time, the sun sets a little after 5:00 pm here and there’s no way we could cover the 25 miles to the campground without some riding-in-the-dark time. We have lights but riding in daylight here is already dangerous enough. We were warned by George, a local cyclist who chatted with us outside Costco, that bikes on the road are rare in this area so many drivers won’t see you. And that’s what it felt like on the way to the hotel in Chesapeake. Few people gave us much room. So we got on the sidewalk a lot when there was no shoulder and lots of traffic.

Since we had such a short day I used the extra time to replace the chains on both bikes. That’s a little less weight I’m not carrying on my bike. Yay! Since we’re officially in the south I’m noticing we’re getting called “honey” a lot now.

Kathy – Our first day back on the bikes was short but good.  The day couldn’t have been more perfect, clear blue skies with only a few clouds, sunny and in the low 70’s.  A pretty sweet light breeze kept us cool too. Only 12 miles of riding today and we were wanting more.  The traffic was still pretty heavy on all the roads, but we heard from the locals it will be thinning out once we get into North Carolina.

I had some issues with my hearing aids and needed to get them fixed.  I was having constant clicking and the sounds were going off and on for the past few months.  While we were in Redmond, Washington for our son Josh and our new daughter-in-law Amanda’s wedding this past weekend, I went into Costco to see if they could fix the issue.  Well Rachel and Lauren were absolutely fantastic, but after three hours (including consults with the factory folks) they realized the receiver was going out.  With all our travels about we were trying to find a location for a replacement to be sent to.  They ordered it and had the replacement sent to the Norfolk, Virginia Costco.  Today Ken at the local Costco fixed me right up!  I am hearing great now without interruptions thanks to all the great folks at Costco!!

Since Costco fit me into their schedule today we were unable to make it to our planned destination.  All is good though because it was important to be able to hear.  We did our grocery shopping today and a walked to a restaurant a bit away from our hotel.  It was nice and relaxing to walk and talk in the warm evening weather.  It also gave us a little more exercise since our ride was short today.  Tomorrow we head to North Carolina!


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  1. Kathy, I am out side of Charlotte so let me know we’re gonna be. Really would like to see you. If you are anywhere mere I an pick you up and you can stay by us.


    1. Hi Diane! Yes, it would be great to see you while we are in North Carolina. Unfortunately, we are on the Outer Banks heading south because the weather is turning cold. We just checked and Charlotte is 200 miles from the coast. That is nothing in a car, but on bikes that is five days of riding to get to you. I would absolutely love to see you but not sure how we can make it happen. Please call or text me on my cell number 509-251-4036 and let’s talk about it. Love to you my friend. Kathy


  2. Looks like you left a dead marmot on the freeway bridge, (they have them out there right?), or a bicycle pannier.


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