And We’re Back

Hank – We flew into Norfolk yesterday. The bikes are in a storage unit about a mile away from the hotel. We’ll get them out today.

We experienced every emotion during our time in Spokane. We paid our respects to a good friend who died in a tragic accident and helped his wife, and our good friend, as much as we could. And we saw our middle child, Josh-son number two, get married to Amanda, his sweetheart of many years. I got to officiate the wedding ceremony, which was an honor for me. And we got to meet much of Amanda’s family whom I enjoyed very much. I look forward to seeing more of them.

But for now we’re back on the road. We will ride to a campground near Chesapeake, VA. today. Tomorrow we’re in North Carolina.

Kathy – The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of activities and emotions. Laughter, tears, hugs and meaningful conversations were part of our daily routine. It is with mixed emotions as I write this because I miss everyone already, but I also want to continue on with our cycling journey.

It was difficult to say goodbye to our friend Paul. He lived a great life and was loved and respected by so many. His service was attended by over 250 people and it was a beautiful tribute to him. Even though Paul and Sue have been our long time friends, they really were much more than that. They are family to us. We attempted to help Sue out during this difficult time as much as possible. We love her and all of her family. We can only hope our support gave her some comfort over the past few weeks. I miss her already. My thoughts and prayer remain with her as we move along down the East coast. Anyone reading this that is from Spokane, please check in on Susie and give her lots of hugs from me. 💗💗💗

While in Spokane we stayed extremely busy with visiting lots of family and friends. Many meals and great conversations filled most of our days. The last minute dressing up for a Halloween party was pretty fun too. We were also lucky enough to see our good friends Tony & Laura while in Seattle.  Tony is finishing up some medical treatments there and is looking very well. He obviously is not letting this cancer thing keep him down.  He is a fighter and we look forward to seeing him back in Spokane for Christmas.  Keep it up Tony, you got this!

Obviously, we had a fantastic five days in the Seattle area for our son Josh and his gorgeous wife Amanda and their wedding. Josh was our first child to get married. We love and adore Amanda. They have a true love, genuine respect and a deep commitment to each other. We a blessed to have her ‘officially’ join our family and wish them a lifetime of happiness together.

We really enjoyed our time with our family and friends at the wedding. It was awesome to celebrate this special occasion with so many people we love. It was also great to meet many of Amanda’s family members this past weekend. We are looking forward to future gatherings with these wonderful people.

So we left Spokane minus our new fresh jar of peanut butter that didn’t make it though TSA security. Arrived in Norfolk, Virginia. We are hoping our bikes are still in the locked storage facility near the airport.

Hank and I are both looking forward to getting back in the bikes. We really enjoyed seeing all the amazing sights in the Northeast area, and seeing many family and friends along the way too. There is an unbelievable amount of history in this area of the United States which we loved learning about as we meandered about in all these upper East states. The one thing we did not enjoy was all the traffic in the Northeast states. We were constantly monitoring traffic around us we were not able to relax and enjoy the rides that much. Bike lanes and shoulder areas varied, so many time we had to take over half of a traffic lane and ride with traffic. We are looking forward to decreased traffic on our next part of our trip. We will be riding on the outer banks of North Carolina and South Carolina as we head towards Florida next. Onward we go!! 🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️

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