Easy Day

Hank – We don’t have a lot going on today so this morning I took time to fix my handlebar tape. The bike shop in Maine didn’t do a very good job on the left side. Gaps showed up on the top and the end wasn’t properly tucked into the plug. A couple days ago I used some duct tape to keep the tape from completely unraveling. But it’s all fixed now.

We checked out of the hotel and cruised over to the Absecon Lighthouse. It was decommissioned back in 1933 and saved and reconstructed by volunteers back in 1997. The original Fresnel lens is still there. It was made in France in 1854 and installed soon after. A gentleman named Bayard is a volunteer who stays up at the top when the lighthouse is open. He’ll fill you in on every detail.

We rode down the boardwalk for a while and stopped for lunch at Margaritaville. They let us bring our bikes inside the restaurant, which was very nice of them. After lunch we stopped at an urgent care clinic to have a cold sore on my lip checked out. A couple years ago I had a similar “thing” on my lip while I spent nine days riding the Idaho Hot Springs Loop. It just kept getting worse. Instead of waiting to see how it would go I went in and got a script for antiviral meds. There’s no needs for me to look like I have the plague.

After that we rode to the Pomona RV Campground about 13 miles away. Campgrounds are closed or closing because it’s the off season. The owner of the closed campground I called yesterday said he could fix us up with a tent site at his other RV campground. On the way there we picked up some wine, cheese, crackers, and apples. Kathy had a nice relaxing evening in mind. When we arrived the campground was rockin’. Music was blasting. Tables were set up. A huge grill was being fired up. It was a combination Octoberfest celebration and a breast cancer fundraiser. There was a silent auction for a variety of baskets. We made a donation rather than risk having to carry something else on the bike.

One couple we were talking to highly recommended not riding through Camden, NJ. They said we could catch the train in Lindenwold and take that into Philly. It would shorten our riding by 15 or so miles so we’ll check that out.

Kathy – Our super easy ride of 16 miles was in cool, misty temps in the mid 60’s. We would have liked to go a little further today but we are limited on campgrounds that are available and open now. Since today was a short day, tomorrow will be a longer ride day to Philadelphia.

The lighthouse was pretty cool and climbing up the 228 steps to the top was super easy. The was a wedding at the lighthouse while we were there. We decided not to crash it. Anytime a Margaritaville resturant is nearby we need to stop. These restaurants are always a fun place to eat and drink. We enjoyed some yummy salads and I enjoyed my one margarita.

The ride to our campground was flat with a nice shoulder on the side of the road for most of the miles. As we arrived at the campsite the party was just beginning. The loud music was really good with the DJ playing lots of different artists music. With donations recommended you got free brats and beer…I passed on both, but Hank didn’t. We talked with many wonderful people at the party. Most everyone we met were from the Philadelphia area and just at the campsite for the weekend to takes break from home/work life. We mingled and talked to many people. It was good to meet everyone. This party was a nice ending to our day.

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  1. Hi you two, we’re glad to hear things are moving forward for you.
    It’s great following you guys on this adventure through your webpage.
    Be safe


    1. Things are going well, Matt. Thanks.


  2. Shannon Zaranski October 7, 2018 at 12:55 pm

    I’ve been following this blog from Spokane and so excited when you entered my home state of NJ! I just assumed you would ride down to Cape May and get the ferry to Lewes, Delaware. (My hometown of Vineland is just 30 miles north of Cape May.) Anyway, so glad you ran into someone to correctly dissuade you from riding through Camden!
    Check out the Mutter Museum in Philly! Stay safe!


    1. Thanks, Shannon. The Mutter Museum is on our must-do list. We’ll see that today.


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