Our Time In New York City

Hank – Kathy has always wanted to visit the Statue of Liberty so we headed there and to Ellis Island on Monday. Talk about your teeming masses. There were tons of other people going the same way. So this turned into an all day event. Ellis Island was very educational. I enjoyed our visit there very much.

Navigating the subway system was fun. I’d forgotten that the entrance you take makes a huge difference. We went down the stairs, paid for a single trip, entered the station, and then learned we were on the wrong side of the tracks. So we went back up to the street, crossed over to the other entrance, came back down and bought a Metro card this time. We entered the station and soon found out we we’re right back where we started. We had crossed the wrong street. A helpful person told us we could save our fare by getting on the wrong train, getting off in two stops, cross over to the other side at that station without having to pay again, and then get on the right train to Manhattan. Whew!

We got back late from the statue and Ellis Island and we got off at the wrong subway stop and walked 1-1/2 miles to our hotel. So we decided to stay a third day.

On Tuesday we caught the right train back to Manhattan. We went to see the 9/11 memorial. It was a sobering experience. There are two large pools with the victim’s names engraved all around the edge. Seeing so many people taking smiling selfies was disappointing to say the least.

We spent the rest of the day with Kathy doing a little shopping and me rotating the tires on my bike. Those Schwalbe Marathon tires have over 4,000 miles on them and plenty of tread. The back tire is slightly more worn, which is to be expected. I found three pieces of glass in the front tire. The tread is still thick enough to hold them at bay. Pretty sweet.

On Wednesday we head out to New Jersey.

Kathy – We stayed in a hotel in Brooklyn, New York for three nights so we could take a break from riding in the heavy traffic and see some of the city sites. Our hotel was homage for our bike as we traveled about on the local subways, ferries, Uber’s and of course tons of walking.

Our first city tasks was learning how to navigate the underground subway system. After a few times of going in the wrong direction we finally figured it out. We are in the BIG city now with an enormous number of people. No matter where we travelled in Brooklyn or Manhattan there was an influx of people surrounding us. Many people love living in the big city, but this is much too crowded for me. I’ll stick with Spokane, Washington.

It was really cool to see, and be so close to The Statute of Liberty 🗽 This has always been on my bucket list to see up close and personal. In our many past trips to New York City we never made it to Liberty Island to see this pretty lady. Happy to we were able to make it happen this time.

We also took the ferry to Ellis Island, which was the entry point for immigrants coming to the United States during the early 1900’s to approximately 1945 when it was closed. Now this is truly an astonishing piece of history. Hank and I found this to be extremely interesting and informative. So despite the tons of people, if you are ever in New York City please try to make a trip to Ellis Island. You won’t regret it.

We took some time out to visit the 911 Memorial in Manhattan. This is very humbling to see. It was 17 years ago when this tragedy occurred. The last time we were in New York City was eleven years ago and they were building this memorial. It is a beautiful tribute to those who died. Being in this holy area allows reflection, thoughts and prayers for those who lost their lives and those who still morn their loss. This is another site to see if you ever visit this area. The pictures we have included do not do this memorial the justice it deserves.

We spent a lot of spent walking about the city and seeing different sites. We also took a trip to Macy’s (nine floors of loveliness) and I found a dress for Josh & Amanda’s wedding. I bought one dress while in Massachusetts, but I needed a backup dress. Once I get home I can choose which one I want to wear and return the other one. A gal has to keep her options open. 😄

Overall, it was a good time visiting this area. Now onward we travel to New Jersey!

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