Back In New York State

Hank – We woke up to pouring rain, packed up, and made our way to the bikes in the garage. We said our goodbyes to Richard last night since he was likely getting up at the same time we were leaving. We rolled through the downpour at stopped in at Muddy Waters to pick up bananas and scones for the ferry ride. Then we went down to the waterfront to catch the ferry to Orient Point on Long Island. The rain storm was moving fast so we waited out the end of it at the ferry terminal on Long Island. By 11:00 we we’re on the road.

About an hour later we stopped for breakfast and fueled up for the rest if the ride. There were available camp sites at Wildwood State Park and we we’re pretty sure we’d score one. We passed by so many vineyards and farms–and farm stores–along the way. We stopped at one and bought some fruits and veggies. Traffic constantly increased as we labored along. We got a site at the park and quickly set up camp and ate dinner.

Accommodations for tomorrow we’re still up in the air. Two WarmShowers hosts were unavailable. And I kept getting the answering machine at the campground I found. So we’ll see how it pans out. The next two days are supposed to be sunny. By then we’ll be in NYC.

Kathy – Our 43 mile ride today was tough. It was cold and rainy almost the entire day. We were soaked. The ferry ride gave us 90 minutes to sort of dry out, only to get wet once we started riding again. The wind, rain and very heavy traffic made for somewhat of a miserable ride. Often we had very little shoulder room so we constantly had to monitor the constant flow of traffic. I have never had so many cars and trucks pass me in one day while riding a bike as I did today. It is truly incredible just how many people are on the roads in the upper East Coast region. They are all in a hurry too. The cars seem to squeeze by us quickly between oncoming traffic or as soon as they pass us the immediately hit the gas pedal. There were many times today when I was concerned a car was too close to us and possibly going to hit us. Thankful in the end all went well.

I was thrilled to make it to our campsite and end our riding for the day. Needed some relaxing time after constantly being on alert to ensure cards a trucks didn’t hit us. I was freezing and my bike shoes and socks were so wet that my toes were numb.

I was looking forward the a long warm shower…well, that didn’t happen. I quickly found out the showers in the ladies bathroom at the campsite only had cold water. What the heck! Hank was lucky enough to get a lukewarm shower in the men’s room. If I knew this ahead of time I’m telling you I may have went into the men’s shower area. Even with my wool clothes on I couldn’t get warm the rest of the night. Looking forward to a dry and sunny day tomorrow.

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