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Hank – We made the most of our unscheduled time home. Spokefest with our friends, Bob and Donna, was fun as always. It was also great to catch up with our friends Paul and Sue from our old neighborhood and Mike and Patty who we’ve known for over 20 years. Porchfest featuring local musicians playing in parks and on people’s porches in the West Central neighborhood, was awesome. It was great to see all my family. My mom is at home now and getting stronger after her knee replacement. My sister, Barbie, had rotator cuff surgery back in August and needs help with her hair in a ponytail. My brothers, Sam and Robert, and sister Judy are doing well. My brother John came over from Tacoma to visit mom. He and I have raced and ridden together a lot over the years and he’s jealous of me being on this adventure. And we ran into my cousin Leslie after Porchfest. During Porchfest we ran into an old friend and class mate of my mother. Mary Lee is 81 years old and going strong. In April she’s headed to Spain to walk a couple hundred miles of the Camino de Santiago. I want to be like Mary Lee.

Kathy – We had a great few weeks break from the bikes in Spokane, Washington.  It was good to fly home after three months and three weeks on the bikes traveling to Maine.  We filled our days with much family and friends time.  We got in lots of exercise time too including walks, hikes, and of course bike rides. So many wonderful conversations, laughter, and amazing meals and beverages were shared with family and friends. Completing my eleventh annual Spokefest bike ride was pretty sweet too (I’ve done them all). We enjoyed having time with our baby too…well Steph, our youngest.  She’s pretty special!  Overall, it was a really fun time being home and spending time with everyone.  We already miss them all.

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