Maine Visit

Hank – Outside of being at home, there’s nobody like Barb and Keith to make you feel at home. We’ve been friends for many years now. They both retired this year, too, so we had all the time in the world to do things together and spend time having fun. Both our families have weddings this year. Our son, Josh, gets married in November in Redmond, WA. Their son, Aaron, gets married in December in Spokane. So we’ll see each other twice more before the year is out.

They taught us a card game called Charlemagne, but they pronounce it shall-oh-mine. And it’s a version that originated in northern Maine (scroll down to the 32-card version at the bottom of the linked page). It’s a raucous game made more so as you take more and more risks. They also took us around to see some sights and get some hiking in. Hanging out with their grandchildren knocked the rust off my Stratego and Battleship gaming abilities. Plus, I kinda sorta learned how to do a dance called The Floss.

Kathy – Three months and three weeks after riding out of Spokane, Washington we arrived in Maine.  It was so awesome to see our great friends Barb and Keith!!  These two people are totally outstanding.  They will do anything for anyone. They are hard working and extremely generous in every way possible.  We are blessed to have them as friends for 22 years now. Our six days with them in Maine (before we flew back to Spokane during our cycling break) was super fun.  Our frequent Charlemagne card games lasted into the nights as we sipped on adult beverages, laughed often, and enjoyed catching up.  We went on walks, hikes, and they took us about (in their car) to visit many beautiful sites around Maine. We also enjoyed pool time at Barb & Keith’s place, and some lake time that included some tubing at the family ‘camp.’

Our time with Barb & Keith’s son, Issac and daughter-in-law, Kristen, and their three boys (Dillon, Lucas and Chase) was pretty special too.  Those three boys are SO much fun!!  Dillon even taught Hank how to do ‘The Floss” (dance moves for those not familiar).  Let’s just say all three boys have much better moves than my husband.  🙂

It was good to visit with Jan (Kristen’s mom) also.  Jan is a great gal that makes a pretty amazing rhubarb pie!  We tried may local foods including Whoopie Pies (good, but a little on the sweet side), and of course I had my fair share of Maine lobster (totally AMAZING)!!!  Barb & Keith also have a huge garden that we visited daily and enjoyed their harvest.   It was so wonderful to spend time in Maine with Barb & Keith and their family.  We are so lucky to have met them 22 years ago!

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