Last Monday

Hank – On Monday we went to Salem to check out the Witch Museum. I don’t recommend it simply because it’s not worth the admission price. The recorded presentations were somewhat informative but done in an overly dramatic way with a Richard Burton-like voice narrative. The Salem witch trials were the result of hysteria and ignorance. Behind the Essex Peabody Museum is a respectful sculpture in memory of the innocent victims. We were hoping to see the Essex Peabody Museum but it’s closed on Mondays. Just our luck again. 🙂

After Salem we went out to the Crane Estate on Castle Hill east of Ipswich. Wow, what a mansion. Some of the grounds were the work of the Olmstead brothers who also designed most of the parks in Spokane. The “back yard” was about a quarter mile in length and dipped down and up in successive waves. It was quite the walk.

That evening we enjoyed a great dinner with our hosts and friends at a local restaurant. It was a very good day.

Kathy – After a two week break in Spokane, Washington we arrived back in Maine with our friends Barb & Keith.  We stored our bikes at their house while in Spokane.  We decided to take a few more days off and hang out with Barb & Keith before continuing our bike travels.  We also planned to go to Ipswich, Massachusetts to see Barb & Keith’s friends Bill and Laurel, and also spend some time visiting the Boston, Massachusetts area.

Bill and Laurel are such good people.  We really enjoyed our time with them.  Great conversations and amazing food.  We hit the jackpot meeting these to fabulous folks!  They hosted us for three nights in their beautiful farm house.  Their dog Ava a pit bull, was one of the sweetest dog I have ever met. Anyone who knows me, knows I am not a fan of pit bulls after seeing the damage some pit bulls have done to many children during my 20 years of working in the Emergency Department.  Ava has opened my eyes to see a different side of pit bulls.  She is such a sweet dog with a wonderful soul.  We loved Ava.

Barb, Keith, Hank and I ventured out and saw the Witches Museum in Salem, Massachusetts.  It was so-so.  The entire town has the witches theme going on.  It was OK to visit once, but overall it was a bit much for me.  We then visited the Crane House on Castle Hill.  Even with the main house closed for the day this was pretty spectacular!  We spent a few hours walking around the amazing gardens and yards of this gem.  They don’t make them like this anymore.  Happy that the local trust is working on preserving this house and gardens to return it back to its original beauty.  Fun times with Barb & Keith today while exploring more lovely lands in Massachusetts.


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