Not So Fast, Hank

Hank – a new setback and I’m a bit bummed out. This morning I had a nose bleed that made the bathroom look like a horror movie set. And my blood pressure skyrocketed. Kathy and Stephanie worked together to stop the bleeding. A couple hours later it happened again so we went to the Emergency Department. Long story short, we’re not leaving until Tuesday of next week. 

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  1. Oh dear! I’m sorry to hear this. But on the brighter note, this will keep you out of harms way while Hurricane Florence is barrelling out way. VA and MD are in State of Emergency and so is the coast of NC (I’m sure you’ve seen the news.). We have had a lot of rain with a lot of flooding and more to come with this hurricane.

    Take it easy and hope you’re 100% soon!!


    1. Renee, all is well now and we are back to riding. We leave New York City in the morning on the way to New Jersey. We are thinking we will be in you area sometime in the next two – three weeks. Can you pleases text me your address and cell number again? I somehow lost it. My cell number is (509) 251-4036. I will the connect with you about meeting up via our phones. Looking forward to seeing you and Darrell. Also, hopefully we can see Robin and Jim too! Love to you, Kathy


  2. There is a reason…


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