Status Update-Good News

Hank – We came home for a week, which gave me a chance to get a doctor visit in. It turns out my left shoulder blade is out of alignment. It sticks out like a wing instead of being straight. I started a regimen of exercises to strengthen the muscles in my shoulders and scapulas and it’s already making a difference. Today was my first time back on the bike in almost two weeks. I had very little pain even though the bike I was riding has a longer reach to the handlebars. Today Kathy and I rode Spokefest with our friends Bob and Donna. I rode my neon yellow Elephant cyclocross bike and wore my matching cyclocross racing kit. Kathy rode her go-fast bike, a Trek Domane. It felt great to be on a responsive bike that feels like it’s about to run out from under me when I hammer the pedals. I attacked every hill and got some air into my lower alveoli. They responded and exchanged phlegm in return.

A number of people who know me and/or Kathy talked to us about our touring. But the most humbling interaction was from a woman named Christy O’Donnell who has been reading our blog since day three. She had a problem with her shoulder dislocating a lot. Today was her first bike ride in months and she recognized us from our blog, which is cool because we’ve never met. She stopped and told us how inspiring and informative we’ve been. It was a pleasure to meet her and I hope she can get back to touring soon.

It was also great catching up with family and friends this past week. And fixing meals in my own kitchen was nice for a change.

We fly back to Maine tomorrow and get back on the road either Thursday or Friday. We’re both looking forward to seeing our adventure. Time’s a wastin’ and hurricane season is full on. We’re guessing we’ll hit Richmond, VA when it’s time to come home for our son’s wedding in late October. That’a about 1400 miles we need to cover by then.

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  1. Nina Shephard FSPA September 9, 2018 at 7:26 pm

    This is really good news! I’m so happy you can get back on the road. I hope the hurricane doesn’t give you grief. Blessings!


  2. Yes great news and as always I’m praying for safe travels for you two!


  3. Stay healthy and continue having fun.


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