Two Week Break

Hank – We’ve decided to take a longer break to help rehab my shoulder. We’re hanging out with our very good friends, Barb and Keith Forbes, in Maine until this Saturday. On Saturday we fly home. We’ll be home for 10 days and return to Maine. A couple days after that we’ll hit the road again.

Kathy – Well, we made it across the country! We are at our friends Barb & Keith’s house in Glenburn, Maine relaxing and enjoying time with them.  Happy to have this time with these two outstanding people that we love dearly.

It seems crazy that the first leg of our journey is completed. We left Spokane on May 3rd and finished this portion of the trip on August 27th. Not quite four months on the bikes and we have had an amazing journey thus far. We have seen so many beautiful places and had some really wonderful times with family and friends along the way. We also have meet many new friends. Our Warm Showers hosts (and sometimes total strangers) have opened up their homes to us also, which we are truly grateful for. Everyone has made us feel so welcome.  I must say we have the BEST family and friends!!  We are so thankful for everyone’s thoughts, prayers, support, kind words, encouragement, and overall generosity.  We truly can not thank you all enough.  We are also feeling blessed and thankful for our health and safety during this part of our trip.

We are excited to fly home for ten days to see family and friends as Hank rests his shoulder.  Lucky for us that we will also be in Spokane at the perfect timing to ride in the 11th Annual Spokefest bicycle ride. I have done the past ten and wouldn’t want to miss out on one of these super fun rides.  After our time in Spokane, we look forward to returning to Maine and continuing the second leg of our trip down to Key West, Florida.  For now it’s rest time now, see you in a few weeks!!

Here are some stats from our first leg – Spokane to Maine…

  • Total Miles Cycled: 3,820 miles!
  • Total States Visited: 18 – Flowers planted in all states.
  • Total Days Traveled: 116
  • Longest Travel Day: 65 Miles – June 27, 2018 – Long Pine, Nebraska to O’Neil, Nebraska
  • Shortest Travel Day: 16 Miles – August 19, 2018 – Syracuse, New York – Hank having shoulder pain.
  • Hottest Travel Day: July 12, 2018 – It was 94 degrees, plus the heat index = 103 degrees!  Clear Lake, Iowa to St. Ansgar, Iowa
  • Flat Tires: Kathy – 10, Hank – 0
  • Jars of Peanut Butter Consumed: 3
  • Lodging Days: Camping – 51, Family/Friends – 9, Warm Showers – 13, Hotel – 36, Convent/Church – 3, Strangers opening up their home to us – 4

A couple of notes…

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  1. Enjoy your time off and have fun visiting the family. Get that shoulder healed up so you can get back in the saddle.


  2. I’m so glad you are taking a serious break. We are sending good healing vibes. Enjoy your time at home.
    We are in our Portland condo and loving the new lifestyle even tho boxes still await unpacking.
    Love auntjanet


  3. Wow! Congrats on completing this HUGE milestone…very inspirational. Rest well and enjoy some well deserved downtime.
    Love you both. Stan & Rhonda.


    1. Stan & Rhonda, thank you! Hope you are all doing wonderful. Looking forward to meeting up with you sometime soon in our travels. Love to you, Kathy


  4. Laura Dibartolo August 29, 2018 at 10:45 pm

    Have so enjoyed watching your grand adventure! How awesome to see four wonderful people that we care about getting to spend time together big hugs around! Prayers for healing Hank and enjoy your break time. Love to you guys , Tony and Laura


    1. Laura,

      Thank you! I hope Tony is doing good. Please know you are all in our prayers. You two area so strong, no doubt all is going to turn out great. We are really looking forward to hopefully seeing you both when we are in Seattle the first week of November. Sending lots of love, prayers and warm comfort vibes your way. Kathy


  5. Enjoy your break. Quick healing for you.


  6. Nina Shephard FSPA August 30, 2018 at 5:17 am

    Good for you! Even if you only did the ride this far you have really accomplished something! My 1200 miles look like nothing! I pray your shoulder recovers totally so that you can continue your saga. Kathy – I planted the seeds and the squirrel dug them up. Bought a new packet of identical seeds, and will plant them next spring, surrounded by a fence! Prayers for you both!


  7. Hi Hank & Kathy, so awesome seeing where you have all gone so far. Very envious of what you guys have been doing, takes a lot of courage. Take care, Dan & Maria😊


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