Shelburne Museum

Hank – Today we went to the Shelburne Museum just south of Burlington, VT. This place is unique in that many of the buildings were originally elsewhere and were either transported whole or disassembled and reassembled on the 45-acre grounds. The museum was created in 1947 by Electra Havemeyer Webb who collected American folk art. She took the lead in getting 20 historic buildings moved to the grounds. There’s something for everyone here. If my recent postings seem lethargic and dull it’s because the muscle relaxer med is making me that way. 🙂

Kathy – We drove three hours from Waterbury, Vermont to Shelburne, Vermont. The Shelburne Museum was really cool. So much to see and learn about in one place! Some of my favorites were (1) the textile exhibits with lots of quilts, unique clothing and hats, (2) the building that housed all the whimsical folk art and paintings, and (3) Electra Havemeyer Webb’s home with so many beautiful artifacts and paintings. It was incredible the number of Monet paintings she collected that were on display. Loved it all! One of Hank’s favorites was seeing the blacksmith at work. He was pounding a lot of red hot metal. Not sure what he was making but it sure looked like a lot of hard work to make it. This is an exceptional museum, if you ever get a chance go there.

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