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Hank – We drove to Waterbury, VT to check out the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream factory. It’s the only one of their factories where they give you tours. The tour takes only 30 minutes and you get a free sample of the day’s flavor at the end. Today’s flavor was Americone Dream. It’s Stephen Colbert’s flavor and the profits go to a charity of his choice. We got a leanto shelter at Little River State Park because rain was in the forecast. It didn’t show up at midnight like it was supposed to, but it still showed up. We stayed dry. And we saw no bear activity.

Kathy – One of the places we had on our list to see in Vermont was Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory. It was an eight hour drive from Letchworth State Park to Waterbury, Vermont. The things we do for fun! Happy to be driving to this location rather than on the bikes because there are so many rolling hills in Vermont. No doubt we will be hitting those hills in Vermont when we get back on the bikes in a few days. It was fun to see the factory and to see all the young children running about and so excited about it. The grave yard of past ice creams was cute too, and of course the ice cream was fantastic! It was another good day as Hank is continuing to rest his shoulder in hopes of the pain diminishing so we can continue our travels.

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  1. OK, so I see you scooted through NY and are in VT…I guess I was late in seeing the posting or you posted all at the same time. Unfortunately you missed the beautiful Adirondack and Catskills Mountains…But, both of them are hikes by bike and a breeze by car. Oh well…VT is beautiful too! And, yes, VT has a lot of rolling hills and curves too!
    Again, rest up and enjoy!


    1. Thanks Renee. New York is beautiful country. We did seethe Adirondack mountains, absolutely spectacular! So much to see and not enough time by bike. We have to finish up by next summer and we still have a lot of territory to cover. Maybe next time by car as you can get to things faster. 😄


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